High Technologies and Analytics of Nanosystems (CCU VTAN)

The Center for the Collective Use of Scientific Equipment "High Technologies and Analytics of Nanosystems" (CCU VTAN) as part of the Analytical and Technological Research Center of the Faculty of Physics of NSU is a scientific and organizational structure that provides scientific research and the provision of services. Such services are provided in the interests of different users (legal entities and individuals) based on the expertise of our highly qualified scientific and engineering personnel. We use modern analytical and technological equipment and even unique instruments.

The main tasks of the center are:

  • provision of experimental services in a wide range of analytical and technological research, high-tech processes and operations;
  • implementation of scientific, scientific-technical and engineering-technological projects, as well as the performance of engineering and design and technological works;
  • training of highly qualified scientific and engineering personnel due to the participation of students, undergraduates and graduate students in fundamental scientific, engineering and technological research;
  • advanced training of scientific and engineering personnel undergoing training at the center.

The organization of interaction with potential clients is carried out on the basis of an approved catalog of services (in Russian) provided using the equipment available in the center, and a standard contract form (in Russian) for the provision of these services. The actual load of the CCU VTAN equipment in 2021 was 82%.

The web-page of the Center for Collective Use in the national system "Catalogue of the Central Control Commission of the Russian Federation".


Address: Russian Federation, 630090, Novosibirsk, Pirogova street 2, NSU, Physical Faculty

E-mail: nsm@nsm.nsu.ru

Phone: +7(383)363-44-25