Mathematical Center in Akademgorodok


746 university students, school students and professionals from 33 countries took part in the 2021 International Olympiad in Cryptography

The Non-Stop University CRYPTO Olympiad is the only international cryptography Olympiad. MCA in one of the main organizers of the event.

MCA hosted the Fifth workshop «Algebraic Graph Theory and its Applications»

From November 1 to 5, 2021, the Fifth online workshop on Algebraic Graph Theory and its Applications was held. The workshop was organized by Elena Konstantinova and Grigory Ryabov, the researchers of the MCA research project "Applied Abstract Algebra" headed by A. V. Vasiliev

The results of the Lavrentev competition of students' and postgraduates' works in mathematics and mechanics 2021 have been announced

The competition was held by the Mathematical Center in Akademgorodok, the Sobolev Institute of Mathematics SB RAS and the Siberian Mathematical Society.

Scientists at the Mathematical Center in Akademgorodok have developed an optimization algorithm for carbon dioxide storage

The algorithm was used to assess the evolution of the sandstone pore space during the injection of carbon dioxide. These results can be used to determine the optimal mode of CO2 injection into rocks for its long-term storage. The article was published in the journal Computers and Geotechnics.

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04.10.2021 The following "Beijing-Novosibirsk seminar on geometry and mathematical physics" will take place on October 7

Dr. Wang Xin (Shandong University) will present his talk "On the Saito-Givental theory of elliptic singularities". The Mathematical Center in Akademgoordok invites you to take part in the seminar. 

30.09.2021 Seminar "Geometric Analysis" will resume its work on October 1

P. N. Klepikov (Altai State University) will make a report “Locally homogeneous (pseudo) Riemannian manifolds with restrictions on the Schouten-Weil tensor”. The Mathematical Center in Akademgoordok invites you to take part in the seminar.

29.09.2021 Omsk Algebraic Webinar will return from the holidays on September 30

Alexander Mikhailov (University of Leeds, Great Britain) will present his talk “Quantization of free associative dynamical systems. Quantization ideals”. The Mathematical Center in Akademgoordok invites you to take part in the seminar.

29.09.2021 On October 6, a seminar in memory of Anatoly Pavlovich Kopylov will be held

Seminar is held by the Department of Analysis and Geometry on October 6, at 16:20 in the room 417 of the Institute of Mathematics. We plan that each of us will tell our memories of a wonderful person — Anatoly Pavlovich.