Mathematical Center in Akademgorodok


The Great Mathematical Workshop announces its call for projects

In the summer of 2022, the Mathematical Center in Akademgorodok will host the next Great Mathematical Workshop, this time is cooperation with Tyumen State University. Until May 2, representatives of scientific organizations and businesses can submit projects that student teams will work on.

The international conference "Dynamics in Siberia" was held from February 28 to March 5

The international conference "Dynamics in Siberia" was held at the Sobolev Institute of Mathematics SB RAS from February 28 to March 5, 2022. This year the conference is held for the seventh time and was dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Academician Iskander A. Taimanov.

Students of the NSU Engineering School trained a neural network to recognize water drops in a supersonic flow

The algorithm developed by third-year students was successfully implemented in the software for working with problems of fluid and gas mechanics of the industrial partner of Novosibirsk State University — the company "Sigma-Pro". The results of the study will also be useful in aviation, medicine, agronomy, engine building, energy and some other areas.

The results of the International Cryptography Olympiad NSUCRYPTO have been summed up

In 2021, the International Cryptography Olympiad Non-Stop University CRYPTO was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Cryptographic Service of the Russian Federation. In total, 32 participants were awarded prizes and diplomas in the individual round, 40 teams from 17 countries were awarded in the team round. The Olympics is supported by the MCA.

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16.05.2022 On June 6, the conference “Women in Mathematics” will be held at the Sobolev Institute of Mathematics

Within the framework of the conference, PhD students and Master's students from the Sobolev Institute of Mathematics and Novosibirsk State University will give scientific talks on various areas of mathematics.

25.04.2022 Lavrentyev competition of student and postgraduate scientific papers in mathematics and mechanics — 2022

Students and undergraduates of higher educational institutions of Siberia and the Russian Far East, graduate students specializing in the field of mathematics and mechanics are invited to participate in the competition.

19.04.2022 A seminar-conference "Mathematical Conference of Basic Schools of the Russian Academy of Sciences" will be held on April 24

The conference program will include 7 reports of schoolchildren from Lavrentev Lyceum №130, Educational Center "Gornostay" and the Second Novosibirsk Gymnasium. Moreover, the Dean of the DMM NSU Igor V. Marchuk will tell the audience about the department.

11.04.2022 The following "Beijing-Novosibirsk seminar on geometry and mathematical physics" will take place on April 14

Prof. Xiaobo Liu (Peking University, Beijing) will present his talk "Hall-Littlewood functions and Virasoro constraints". The Mathematical Center in Akademgoordok invites you to take part in the seminar.