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NSU mathematicians, together with foreign colleagues, investigated the resistance of Google Scholar to manipulation of the Hirsch index

The authors present a quick algorithm for finding a set of record splitting operations that maximizes the Hirsch index in Google Scholar.

"Lobachevsky" winter school for young mathematicians

Specialized Educational and Scientific Center of NSU opened registration for a winter mathematical school for high school students. The best-performing students will receive invitations to the Summer School. The Winter School is supported by the Mathematical Center in Akademgorodok and Novosibirsk State University. The school was first held in January 2020.

Scientists of Mathematical center in Akademgorodok presented their summary reports to the International Expert Council

At the end of this year, Mathematical center in Akademgorodok held a meeting of the International Expert Council, where the reports of the center's scientific groups on the results of their work in 2020 were presented.

An online workshop on algebraic graph theory was held at NSU

This conference was the third in the series of workshops, held on the base of Mathematical center in Akademgorodok. World-class mathematicians, young researchers and a number of MCA postdocs and MCA-s First workshop participants partook in the workshop.

Online workshop on algebraic graph theory is starting its work on November 2

The workshop is held under the auspices of the Mathematical Center in Akademgorodok for the third time. The current workshop is one of the most representative workshops in this series. Both eminent mathematicians and young scientists will take part in its work.

First postdoctoral fellows at the mathematical center

The recruitment of postdoctoral fellows for the Mathematical Center in Akademgorodok had been finalized. As a result, six young talented mathematicians will work within the framework of various scientific projects of the center.

NSU mathematicians participated in an international event on formation of teams of scientists and technology entrepreneurs

The 16th Ignition Event of the Commercialization Reactor was held in Riga in a mixed online-offline format. Two projects of mathematicians from Novosibirsk State University were presented at the event. Rene van Bevern, Head of the Laboratory of Algorithmics at the Mechanics and Mathematics of NSU and a researcher at MCA, presented the developments of his group on data reduction with quality guarantees for intractable optimization problems.

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