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A contact person of the Laboratory or Chair/Institute together with a collaborator from the Human Resources departments hold the primary talks about the job and provide support to the foreign employee from the moment of his arrival in Novosibirsk.
After the foreign professor or researcher has received a job offer from the University, he should provide the following documents to get officially employed.

NB: All the documents must be provided to the Human Resources department on the first day of work.
NB: The University can ask you to provide notarized translations into Russian of your documents.

List of documents required for employment at NSU

1. Passport of the foreign citizen.

2. A notarized translation of the passport into Russian language (it can be made in Novosibirsk or any other city of the Russian Federation).

3. The original of the diploma certified by an apostille.

4. Originals of diplomas certifying of an academic degree (and/or academic rank) and their notarized translations.

5. Photocopy of the migration card (you will receive it at your arrival in the Russian Federation, usually at the customs at the airport).

6. Four (4) photos (format 3x4).

7. A health insurance policy valid during your stay in the Russian Federation. It can be purchased before your arrival as well as in Russia.


For those who have already worked in Russia:

10. Employment record book (if available).

11. State pension insurance certificate (if available).
Business trip
1. You should fill an official memo to get a letter of assignment (“napravleniye”) for your business trip and then submit it to the HR department.
In addition, you should submit:
- The reason you need a letter of assignment for (the invitation to the conference, to the host university etc.)
- A preliminary budget for your trip (it is signed by the budget unit sending you on business trip).
2. The Human Resources department signs an order (“prikaz”) to assign you to a business trip. You can get prepaid expenses (at the cashier desk or on you bank card).

NB: In order to book your flight tickets and hotel through NSU, you should send all the information on flights and hotel, a copy of your passport, contact phone numbers via email to

Returning from a business trip

1. Within 3 working days after returning from a business trip, the employee must provide the accounting department (off. 517 of the new administrative building) with originals of receipts for business expenses:
- Travel documents: tickets, boarding passes and bank statements with the stamp of the bank / cashier's checks, public transport tickets (except taxis) to the station, the marina and the airport if they are located beyond an inhabited locality.
- Documents for accommodation: bill and cashier's check / bank statement / accountable form.

Please note: if the bill contains information about the organization of the employee on business trip or about the organization through which the reservation has been made, then the organization can only be NSU or this line should be left blank. Otherwise, the accommodation expenses will not be reimbursed.
- Documents confirming the payment of the visa and the consular fees: contract, bill, cashier's check/bank statement.
- Documents confirming the payment of a health insurance policy in case of travel abroad: receipt / bank statement / cashier's check and insurance policy.
- Certificate, diploma or any other document confirming the participation in the event.
- Documents confirming the payment of the registration fees, if you have paid them yourself: contract signed by the host party and the rector of NSU, work completion certificate, bill, cashier's check / bank statement; in case of travel abroad - bill, check / bank statement or receipt of payment from the organizers.

2. Accounting documents in a foreign language should be translated line-by-line into Russian. The translation of each document should be submitted on a separate sheet (format A4).
Voluntary termination of employment
1. The employee must provide a handwritten letter of resignation in the prescribed format, sign it and have it signed by the Head of his department.
2. The employee must submit the signed letter of resignation to the Human Resources department.
3. On the day of resignation, the employee must take note of the order of resignation and get his employment record book.

Important: statement of resignation should be submitted no later than 2 weeks prior to the planned resignation date. Statements of resignation written for already past dates are not accepted.
1. The employee must fill a vacation request and have it signed by the Head of his department.

2. The employee must submit the signed vacation request to a collaborator of the Human Resources department.
Collaborators of the Human Resources department in charge of recruitment and adaptation provide foreign employees assistance in dealing with all HR issues.