Novosibirsk state university is the unique place where education and science intersect. These two fields are inseparable here: they help the University to move forward by opening the incredible opportunities for work and further studies to NSU students and graduates. The university closely cooperates with the research institutes: more than a hundred of research areas developed all over the world are available for our students to explore. This allows NSU students to engage in the real, serious science from early years of their study, and to become part of the international scientific community.

Novosibirsk state university holds the leading positions in physics and natural sciences, being among the world’s best universities. The leading positions are ensured by participation in international collaborations, as well as by the wide recognition of research outcomes. For example, in 2015 the European center for nuclear research chose to build a supercollider using the model developed by the scientists working at the Institute of nuclear physics (Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences), who are also NSU professors and graduates.

Together with the traditional scientific disciplines, new areas are now being developed at NSU: engineering, instrumentation, astrophysics, and many more. The university now demonstrates the increasing amount of publications and citations in international journals; the number of graduate students and young faculty members is also growing. And, of course, the location of NSU in the academic town (Akademgorodok) provides the intellectual environment for professional development of every student, creates the ground for the emergence of new interdisciplinary research areas, and for integration of science with business and society.

Summer Foreign Student Internship Program Ends

The key characteristic of research internships at NSU are their focus on fundamental science. This year, in addition to traditional subjects in the fields of biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, geology, archeology, and economics, there were internships in metalinguistics.

Optica Journal Article by NSU Physicists One of Most Cited

Sergei Turitsyn and Leonid Frumin, scientists at the NSU Nonlinear Photonics Laboratory and NSU Center for Nonlinear Photonics and Quantum Technologies, with colleagues from the University of Aston (Great Britain), Technical University Delft (Netherlands), Ben-Gurion University (Israel), and Nokia Bell Labs (Germany) published an article in the leading international journal of the American Optical Society, "Optica". The article was #2 in a list of the top 15 most cited articles in the journal in 2017.

NSU Student Presents Cryptosystem Project at International Conference

The international conference “IntelliSys” is considered one of the most important conferences in the field of computer science.  The Conference explores current issues related to topics including artificial intelligence, intelligent systems, machine vision, robotics, and information technology. 

01 July 2018 09:38 Russian language courses for students Russian language courses for students

The Center for International Study Programs (CISP) at the NSU Humanities Institute teaches the Russian language to students from all over the world. Since 1989, we have been helping foreigners plunge into the world of the Russian language and understand Russian culture. We train students of all ages, nationalities, and points of view.

26 June 2018 09:00 V International Conference «Fundamental Foundations of Mechanochemical Technologies» V International Conference «Fundamental Foundations of Mechanochemical Technologies»

The conference will bring together leading Russian and foreign scientists - specialists in the field of mechanochemistry.

23 May 2018 09:00 NSU Mechanics and Mathematics Department and EISTI in France Create Joint Master’s Program in Big Data Analytics NSU Mechanics and Mathematics Department and EISTI in France Create Joint Master’s Program in Big Data Analytics

NSU and the Engineering School of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at EISTI - École d'Ingénieurs Maths / Informatique (Paris,France) signed an agreement to form a joint Master’s Program in Big Data Analytics with NSU’s Mechanics and Mathematics Department.

24 April 2018 09:00 Interweek 2018 Interweek 2018

Every day from April 23 to 29 there will be events