NSU Conducts "Contour Map" Exam

On April 28 at 12:00, NSU will conduct the “Contour Map” geography exam. Part of the Interweek International Festival, the exam will take place in room # 3107 in the new building (Pirogova 1). This is an annual event hosted by the Geology and Geophysics Department. It was designed for people of all ages and professions so that anyone interested in geography can test their knowledge of geography. Everyone is welcome; an English version will be available for foreign participants.

The exam consists of 20 questions on physical and economic geography, as well as geographical discoveries. The answers are placed on the contour map.

Admission is open to everyone, participation is free, registration is not required! You can find more information at "Vkontakte": https://vk.com/konturnaya_karta Welcome!