New students

Welcome to Novosibirsk State University!

Here you will find everything you need to know to live and study at NSU.

There are two accommodation options available to you
Living costs
How much will it cost for you to live in Novosibirsk?
Climate in Novosibirsk
The weather in Novosibirsk is not as extreme as is usually assumed.
Student and campus cards
The Student card is your most important document for the entire period of your studies at the University.
Migration registration and visas
All international students are first issued a single-entry student visa for 90 days.

Telephone and Internet
Everything you need to know about mobile and internet communication.

Healthcare, medical insurance
It is compulsory for all foreign citizens to have a valid health insurance policy covering the whole period of stay.
Emergency phone numbers
Where to call in case of emergency.

In case of any additional questions.

Questionnaire for international students
All international students of NSU are required to provide their personal information.