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NSU Scientists Create Prototype LCD Device for 6G Mobile Communication Systems

A prototype of an LCD device, a spatial phase modulator for controlling beams of sub-terahertz radiation with the prospect of use in new generation wireless communication systems (6G), was created in the Laboratory of Functional Diagnostics of Low-Dimensional Structures for Nanoelectronics at the NSU Physics Department’s Analytical and Technological Research Center "High Technologies and Nanostructured Materials".

NSU Establishes AI Research and Educational Center

The Novosibirsk State University Academic Council has approved regulations on the founding of the Scientific and Educational Center “Research Center in the Field of Artificial Intelligence”.

NSU Hosts Online Artificial Intelligence Course

18 students from Xinjiang University in Urumqi participated.

NSU Retains Position in 2024 National Aggregate Rating

The ranking organizers noted that only 19 universities have maintained the highest level for 6 years, and these are mostly universities included in the Priority 2030 program. Among them is Novosibirsk National Research State University (NSU).

NSU Scientists Develop Light-accumulating Organic Material for Biovisualization

Researchers at the Laboratory of Low-Carbon Chemical Technologies at the NSU Natural Sciences Department (ORËL Research Lab) are developing materials with an afterglow effect based on organic molecules.

NSU Provides Platform to Attract Foreign Applicants

Novosibirsk State University hosted a seminar for Russian universities international services, “Recruiting and Inter-university Cooperation: EXPERIENCE”.

NSU Launches Internet of Things (IoT) Master’s Program

The Program is designed to attract students with various backgrounds including applied mathematics, IT and electronics engineers, and specialists in sensors and controllers.

Installation of New SESC NSU Laboratories Begins

Recently, installation of equipment and furniture began in the chemistry, biology, and physics laboratories. All the equipment is manufactured domestically. 

NSU Launches Master’s Program “Modern Asia and Global Problems”

This is the first Master's Program beyond the Urals, dedicated to the study of current issues in the development of modern Asia. 

Registration for the school InteRussia in the field of engineering and artificial intelligence has been opened for foreign specialists

The Gorchakov Fund in partnership with Novosibirsk State University (NSU) launches the call for applications to join fellowship programmes for non-Russian professionals named Artificial intelligence and medicine, Information technologies and photonics, Information technologies in urban environment (smart cities) and held as part of the New Generation programme.

NSU Among Top 3 Universities for Regional IT Training

An important component of a high place in the rankings is the education quality, which is achieved through the use of proprietary programs and is confirmed by graduate employment statistics.

NSU Students Win at International Cryptography Olympiad

In the individual round of the “students” category, Sergey Kurchev, a student at the Mechanics and Mathematics Department (MMD), received a second place diploma.

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