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NSU Students Are Winners of "Chinese Language is a Bridge" Competition All-Russian Stage

Yegor Betekhtin was one of two winners and will represent Russia at the world finals. Anastasia Makarkina took second place giving NSU the silver medal in the team category.

Special Engineering Course Participants Develop Equipment for Chemistry Laboratory

During a special course on the development of special equipment, school students at the Specialized Educational Scientific Center NSU (SESC NSU) designed two devices that can facilitate the work of laboratory assistants in the Chemistry Laboratory. One device measures the density of liquids, the other is a reagent accounting system.

NSU Students Work on Healthy Sweets Startups: Vitaminized Chocolate and Diet Kurabie

What about making sugar-free chocolate with a higher vitamin content? Or less fatty kurabie that retains its flavor? How do you develop a marketing strategy for a new product and address financial issues? Students participating in the Startup as a Diploma Program shared the results of their projects on proper nutrition and health.

First Foreign Students Graduate from NSU’s "General Medicine" English Language Program

Foreign students at the V. Zelman Institute of Medicine and Psychology graduated with  degrees in General Medicine. In 2016, they were the first students to come from Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and other countries to study medicine at Novosibirsk State University.

Arrival in Russia 2022

Some information what to do before arrival and upon arrival.

The NSU Department of Aerospace Research: Test Center, Satellites and «Space Internet of Things»

For over 40 years the NSU Aerospace Department has worked on many large-scale projects. What are the scientists in the Department doing now? In honor of the June 2 Day of Satellite Monitoring and Navigation, we have collected the most interesting information about NSU space projects.

NSU Engineering School Students Created 3D Model of Campus

The video prepared by students presents the new campus buildings and SESC NSU that are under construction and scheduled for completion by 2024.

NSU Signs Cooperation Agreement with Nanchang University

The purpose of the agreement is to provide joint training for highly qualified specialists in the fields of mechatronics and robotics, chemistry, and computer science.

NSU Lecturer Develops Program to Identify Diabetes of the Young Type

NSU Lecturer Alla Ovsyannikova, won a Russian Federation Presidential Grant for young Doctors of Science and an award for outstanding scientific achievements from the Novosibirsk Regional Government. For more than 10 years she has been researching identifying diabetes types of the young at the Institute of Cytology and Genetics SB RAS. Next year she plans to introduce a computer program to serve as a practical application for her research. There is no analogue for this program in the Russian Federation.

NSU Rector and Ambassador of Thailand Discuss Cooperation

Among the promising and mutually interesting interests are geological study of the Arctic, synchrotron research and artificial intelligence.

NSU and Institute of Nuclear Physics Scientists Present Results of BNCT Treatment of Animals with Cancer

The world's first in vivo study of large mammals using the Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) accelerator is a major step towards human clinical trials.

NSU IMP Students Awarded #SCIENCE4HEALTH Conference

NSU V. Zelman`s Institute of Medicine and Psychology students Akhmadian Negin and Bejko Soana got the first and third places in the «History of Medicine» section respectively. Other participants got certificates.

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