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Novosibirsk Scientists with Foreign Colleagues Establish Denisova Cave Chronology

A team of interdisciplinary researchers established a chronology for the appearance of different groups of hominids in the Denisova Cave using various methods such as studying feldspar microcrystals.

NSU Scientists and German Colleagues Improve Accuracy of Respiration Diagnostic Analysis

Human breath contains hundreds of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) created by various metabolic processes in the body. VOCs provide information about a person’s age, habits and diseases. The compounds can serve as biomarkers for clinical diagnosis and monitoring of diseases. Breathing analysis has great potential to become an important method for clinical diagnosis. It is non-invasive which means samples can be collected without the aid of surgical instruments.

NSU Rector's Ball-2018

After a two year hiatus the NSU Rector’s Ball was held at the "Crystal Hall" banquet hall. The Ball was to thank and provide encouragement to students who volunteer for activities that benefit the University and academic departments.

NSU Hosts Bilateral Meeting with Italian Education Attaché

Giuseppe Lo Porto, Head of the Consulate General of Italy’s Department of Education in Moscow, came to NSU for an official visit. Issues related to a project to expand the study of the Italian language in Russia were discussed at the meeting.

NSU Volunteers congratulate Great Patriotic War Veterans

The New Year is a time of magic and gifts, as well as a time for congratulations and good wishes not only for family members and loved ones, but for everyone around us. Last weekend, NSU volunteers congratulated Great Patriotic War veterans on the upcoming New Year. In addition to talking to the veterans, they gave them gifts.

Novosibirsk Scientists Grow Unique Nonlinear Crystal

For the first time, scientists at the NSU Physics Department Laboratory for Functional Materials grew a unique nonlinear lithium gallium sulfide crystal LiGaS2. 

NSU Winter School on Genetic Epidemiology Ends

NSU conducted the 2019 Winter School “Introduction to Multifactorial Disease Genomics” in cooperation with the Institute of Cytology and Genetics SB RAS, and the Usher Institute of Population Health Sciences and Informatics (University of Edinburgh, UK). The NSU Laboratory of Theoretical and Applied Functional Genomics (“Synthetic Biology” Strategic Academic Unity at the NSU Department of Natural Sciences) organized the school that was attended by undergraduates, graduate students and young researchers from Moscow, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, and Kazakhstan. This year, School participants were able to not only listen to lectures on the genetics of complex human traits, but also take part in practical exercises, and prepare reports on the most relevant current topics.

NSU Student Awarded Russian Academy of Sciences Medal

The Russian Academy of Sciences conducts annual competitions for young scientists and students in 19 research fields in the natural, technical and human sciences. The goal is to identify and support talented young researchers.

German Archaeologist Hermann Parzinger Becomes 19th NSU Honorary Doctor

Professor Hermann Parzinger, prominent German archeologist responsible for numerous international archeological discoveries, was awarded an honorary doctorate from Novosibirsk State University. The Honorary Doctor title is the highest NSU award. Hermann Parzinger became the 19th scientist to receive it.

NSU Astronomers Capture Brightest Total Lunar Eclipse

The head of NSU’s Vega Observatory monitored the recent lunar eclipse in the United States. Only the beginning of this astronomical phenomenon was visible from Russia.

Novosibirsk Scientists Help Realize New Molecular Design Method

Research by Novosibirsk scientists and their foreign colleagues helped define a new molecular design approach for creating functional materials capable of selectively absorbing toxic gases.

Siberian and French Universities Discuss Cooperation at NSU Conference

Ten representatives from French and Siberian universities took part in an annual NSU conference. The conference program included a presentation of the Trianon Dialogue, a round table, “Academic Mobility: How to Overcome Obstacles”, a presentation of the program “Exporting Education”, a round table, “University Networks, Why?” , and a visit to the research laboratories in Akademgorodok and Academpark.

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