NSU Sports center is one of the largest in Novosibirsk

2 swimming pools (25 meters and 12 meters for children from 6 months)

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Tennis court

2 stadiums

Small football field

3 saunas

7 specialized halls: two game halls, an aerobics hall, a gymnastics hall, a wrestling hall, a boxing hall and a gym

Sport activities

NSU sports center offers 40 sport activities to students, University staff and all interested in sports.
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Trainees in this class regularly become winners in competitions: the Cup among students of Siberian universities, the Universiade, the city and region championship and the championship of the Siberian Federal District.
Athletes, who were activein the aerobics classes, work as instructors in fitness clubs in Novosibirsk.

Coaching Staff


Anna Timofeeva

Master of sports in gymnastics, master of sports in aerobics 



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The NSU Basketball Section began with the founding of the University. During this time, the NSU team became the silver medalist of the Russia championship among student teams, the bronze medalist of the Russia championship among student sports clubs as well as a multiple winner and prize-winner of championships among Novosibirsk universities and city championships.

Coaching Staff


Viktor Zigmantovich


Баскетбол_Шумейко Д_размер.jpg

Dmitry Shumeyko


Fencing is the ability to strike through attacks and defenses at certain points in the fight, by applying intelligence. A fencing duel resembles a fight: it involves maneuvering, scouting and masking, attacking and defending.
There are three types of weapons in modern sport fencing: a dueling sword, an epee and a cutlass. The differences between them lie in the judgment rules and the striking area.
Fencing is considered to be a sport, art, military science and means of education. As a sport, it stands out among others due to its esthetics, romanticism and the wealth of history dating back to the distant millennia.
History of this class at NSU
Trainees of the fencing class have won various competitions: the Universiade, Regional Championships, as well as a variety of Siberian regional and national competitions.

Coaching Staff


Sergey Dovgosheya

Senior coach of the regional team (epee), honored coach of Russia, master of sports.      


Olesya Onchukova

Senior coach of the reserve Cadet team (epee), coach of the category I, master of sports.      

The football club team annually participates in competitions among universities in mini-football and soccer. Each year the strongest NSU department competes with the strongest department teams from other Novosibirsk universities. The NSU football team also participates in the winter championship of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Sergey Vasilievich Mezentsev
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Hatha Yoga
Hatha Yoga aims at the harmonious development of the body, peace of mind and body's natural cleansing.
The main elements of the practice are the following: asanas (special body positions in space) and vinyasas (bunches of asanas performed in the respiratory rhythm), as well as breathing and meditation techniques.
NSU's class was established in 2010.

Alexandra Tentser

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NSU martial arts class - Karate-do. Style - Shotokan.
The Karate-Do (Shotokan) class class was establishedat NSU in 2001.
It is a part of the international Japan Karate Association. Classes are conducted by coaches from "Novosibirsk Regional Federation of Shotokan", which is a member of the All-Russian sports and sports public organization "United Organization of Shotokan Karate of Russia" that is the executor of the sports discipline Shotokan, sports type and oriental martial arts.

Alifirov A.S. - 1st dan JKA
Drobot Y.A. - 2nd dan JKA
Shoshin A.A. - 2nd dan JKA
Shipov S.S. - 4th dan JKA
Mountain hiking
The NSU mountain hiking class is not just hiking with tents and ropes. Practical classes include three types of training:
  • Physical (long-distance running and skiing)
  • Technical (work with the equipment: how to hammer in a hook, which knot to use and where to tie it for reliable insurance, how to navigate the steep ice, snow and rocks)
  • Lectures and theory (tactics during mountain hikes, dangers in the mountains, the basics of mountain medicine).
There are six levels of complexity: the first is the easiest with a minimum number of simple passes and the least complex technical challenges; while the maximum sixth level includes all sorts of dangers: rock bastions, endless snow, ice walls and dizzying heights.
These challenges don’t create problems for members of the mountaineering class. In summer 2012 a group of athletes went on a hike of the sixth complexity level climbing the former USSR seven-thousand-meter peak Khan Tengri.

History of this class at NSU
The class was established at NSU over thirty years ago. Today seventy active members including not only students but also graduate students, alumni, and even faculty members.

Vladimir Alekseevich Yudin, Doctor in Physics and Mathematics, master of sports of international class in mountain hiking.
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Orienteering is a very exciting sport and easily available for everyone. A map of the area is providedtart, finish and checkpoints that must be visited, are marked on the map. The map shows where the path, the bushes, the ravines, and the pits are; participants must be able to "read" the map, compare it with the terrain and choose their path.

History of this class at NSU
The Club of orienteering was organized at NSU in 1987. All kinds of sport orienteering: jogging, skiing and biking are involved; Regular competitions are held among first and second year students, and the strongest trainees are members of the Novosibirsk regional team. NSU's team takes part at the regional stage of the Russian Winter Universiade, which is held every two years.
During the class's existence 6 masters of sports and 50 candidates for master of sports and first-grade sportsmen have been trained.

Coaching Staff

Спортивное ориентирование_ЗАХАРОВА СОФЬЯ АЛЬФРЕДОВНА.jpg

Sofia Zakharova

Head of the club, master of sports, coach of the highest category, chairman of the Sports Orienteering Federation of the Novosibirsk region      

Спортивное ориентирование_ОПАРИН ГРИГОРИЙ АНДРЕЕВИЧ.jpg

Gregory Oparin

Master of sports, coach of the highest category      

Website of the Sports Orienteering Federation of the Novosibirsk region
Skiing, polyathlon
The cross-country skiing team is one of the leading sports clubs at NSU. Six masters of sports, ten candidates for the master, first-grade sportsmen, champions and winners of the Novosibirsk Region and universities Championships are among its trainees during recent years.
Athletes of this class participate and win in regional and city competitions in cross-country race, shooting, skiing and polyathlon. Trainees of the sports association are winners of city, regional, inter-university competitions in cross country skiing, polyathlon and shooting. They win All-Russia competitions in polyathlon. In Championships among universities in winter polyathlon the NSU team consistently ranks in the top three places.

Coaching Staff


Olga Chernaya

Candidate for master of sports in cross-country skiing      



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Sport shooting
Sport shooting is in the category of individual sports, it is one of few sports that is included in the program of all Olympic Games. The shooter needs to have good movement coordination, static strength endurance, concentration and focus, determination and composure.
History of this class at NSU
The team of NSU shooters repeatedly winsof championships among Novosibirsk universities as well as in regional competitions. NSU shooters were winners and prize-winners of championships among Novosibirsk universities, provincial, regional and national competitions.

Valentin Faleev (more than 35 years of coaching experience) participated in the championships as the shooter, the team captain, the referee, and the coach.
Table tennis
NSU tennis class was created in 1971. Team players are candidates for master of sports and first-grade sportsmen. About 20 members of the class became candidates for master of sports from scratch. Our graduates are coaches in other classes at Novosibirsk universities and institutes of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Every Friday a regular AcademTour tournament is held. It is a big event.

Coaching Staff

Настольный теннис_Троценко Дмитрий.jpg

Dmitry Trotsenko



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Teakwondo is a Korean martial art. It is translated from Korean as ‘tae’ - kicking ‘kwon’ - fist or hand punch, ‘do’ - this is the way. Thus, taekwondo has two components: the first is the use of hands and feet for self-defense, and the second is the way of life, which includes intensive training for the development of personal strength of mind.
This is a system verified by experience of numerous masters, which is special due to its efficiency, has its own philosophy and is one of the most beautiful martial arts.
Taekwondo cultivates discipline, fortitude, humanity and dedication, teaches how to protect oneself and loved ones. Taekwondo can be practiced both in order to achieve high results, and with the aim to improve one’s health.
NSU's Taekwondo ITF class has functioned since 1990.

Sergey Kalantaev, international instructor, master of sports, four-time world champion black belt 7th dan.
Tai Chi and Qigong
Tai Chi and Qigong in their simplest sense are varieties of recreational gymnastics, based on a complex of traditional exercises. Qigong, sometimes called "Taoist Yoga", is not traumatic and does not involve any kind of competitiveness. Higher forms of Tai Chi belong to martial arts.
Traditional Chinese practices of the dynamic systems of internal school Wushu and Qigong can effectively improve and enhance health, improving the mind and body, and improving being in harmony within yourself and the outside world.
Exercises gently affect the entire body, warm up the joints, spine, arms, legs, improving the blood flow to peripheral areas and internal organs. Movement, breathing and attention are combined harmonizing the overall state.

History of this class at NSU
The class has functionedsince 2009.

Instructor - Isayeva Nadezhda
The Volleyball Section was established at the University at its founding. During this time, the NSU women's team has repeatedly won of the championship among universities of Novosibirsk. In 2015, the women's volleyball team won the silver medal at the Cup of the City. It is one of the top six teams in Novosibirsk.

Women's team coaches
Krylova Svetlana Gennadievna, world-class athlete in volleyball, coach of the highest category.
Krylov Vladimir Dorofeyevich, coach of the highest category.

Men's team coach
Reva Vladimir Dmitrievich, volleyball CCM USSR
Women’s football
Since 1970 women have finally conquered professional football (soccer). Since then women's football has gained omentum. In most European countries, football is one of the most popular team sports among women.
Why is women's football so interesting? Similar to men’s football it is full of gambling, team spirit and the ability to succeed in big sports.
Women’s football is fitness and sport at the same time.
NSU Women's football class was established in 2014.

Elena Serdceva, master of sports in polyathlon.
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