Time: April, 29, 2023
Location: in front of NSU (Pirogova, 2)
Event Type: Festival

Mayovka is a rock concert that marks the final Event in the festival “Interweek”. The first Mayovka took place in 1966. It was organized as a political event promoting international solidarity and freedom. In the nineties, Mayovka lost its political focus and became the main Open-Air event in Akademgorodok. Just like a half a century ago, it still brings together people of all ages, professions and nationalities. During this event one can meet up with old friends, relax with good company, and just listen to good rock music. The headliners in the festival have been such famous Russian artists as: "Chaif", "Neschastniy sluchai", "Alica", Nastya Poleva, "Mango-Mango", "Spleen", "Corridor", Alexander Pushnoi and "Djankoi Brothers”, “The Just". At the end of the show x a three-meter pillar of flame burns brightly  in front of NSU. The Mayovka bon fire is perhaps the favorite tradition of Akademgorodok.

Organizer: NSU student center for extra-curricular activities and educational work

Event Program:
  • NSU Rector and organizers greetings
  • performances of Novosibirsk groups
  • presentations of the festival headliners
  • fire

Admission: free
Contacts: NSU student center for extra-curricular activities and educational work,

How to participate if you are a musical group: to perform on stage, the participants pass a qualifying festival. It is usually held in April, the specific dates are announced in the group Mayovka "VKontakte". The qualifying festival takes place in two rounds. To participate in the first round you must send an application to the organizers that includes the group's name, contact details, and audio and video recordings of live performances. Based on the applications the jury chooses participants for the second round, which is a full performance of the concert before Mayovka itself. Here you need to show how well you play together, how unusual your band is and how well you entertain the crowd. The winners of the second round perform at the final gala concert in front of NSU.