2 swimming pools (25 meters and 12 meters for children from 6 months)

Large swimming pool: length 25 m, width 16 m, depth 1,2-1,8m. Aquatic programs for adults help you learn how to swim and get charged by the positive energy of water. Aqua aerobics classes are especially popular among girls. In addition to a large swimming pool there is also a specially equipped small 12-meter swimming pool for children from 6 months. The water in the children's pool is maintained at 30-31 degrees. The children's swimming pool is equipped with attractions that create a lot of fun. Children are taught how to swim in special groups or individually.

The latest German equipment Dinotec GmbH is installed in the swimming pools. This equipment allows you to keep track of water composition and temperature in real time so that the necessary level of chemical agents and heat are applied to consistently maintain the required characteristics. Physical contaminants are cleaned from water using filters with sand loading, bottom and walls are purified on a daily basis applying an aqueous cleaner.

Coaching staff

Gerya Margarita

Master of Sport of Russia. Winner of Russian national competitions in swimming and prize winner in the newspaper "Pioneer Truth". Winner of the competition "100 strongest swimmers of Russia" in the category “girls”. Member of the Russian junior team. Active swimmer, winner of competitions in the Masters category.

Meleshina Vera

Work experience with children as a teacher of physical education education and sports trainer for more than 20 years. Teaches school children in groups and individually. Experienced instructor teaching kids swimming age 6 months and older.

Papsheva Svetlana

Participant and prize-winner of competitions in swimming across the Ob River. Participant and prize-winner of competitions in the Masters category . Active athlete. Teaching experience of more than 20 years.

Timofeev Sergey

Coach of the highest category. Candidate for master of sports. Trainer of first category. More than 10 years of work experience. Coach of the NSU swimming team
Winner of intercollegiate competitions as part of the teaching staff. Participant and prize-winner of competitions swimming across the Ob River. Active athlete

Shipulin Igor

Petrovich Julya

Master of Sport of Russia, winner of Russian championships.