Kapustnik Quant

When: April 6, 2024
Where: the House of Scientists of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Akademgorodok
Type of event: humorous Kapustnik

Quant is the oldest of the active humorous clubs in Russia. The main activity of the club is the preparation of the annual spring Kapustnik. Kapustnik of the Club Quant is the biggest and brightest event on which the whole club works for a long time. Kapustnik of the Club Quant - it is the most sparkling jokes on the most topical topics. Club Quant offers to look at worrying problems through the prism of humor, because struggling with difficulties is much more pleasant when you are in a good mood.

Quant creates and conducts other events that are significant for the whole university, for example Miss NSU, the Musical event, the Antiscientific conference or the Nuclear Week. Over its 48-year history the club has undergone many changes, but at the same time managed to preserve its traditions and still remains one of the leading clubs of NSU. Quant is a club of friends that are motivated by the principle that everything should be fun and to the liking of its members.

Organizer: Club Quant, the comedy club of the Physics department of NSU.

Program of the event: The Kapustnik traditionally consists of two parts and of different types of performance: acting sketches, humoristic performance, musical shows, standup and much more.

How to participate: We are happy to see new faces and our door is always open! Come and meet us in the 5th dormitory in Club Quant quarters.

Admission: You can purchase your tickets in NSU hall or at the cashiers of the House of Scientists of Akademgorodok.