Comedy show MAXIMIN

When: 20 April, 2024
Where: House of Scientists in Academgorodok 
Type of event: Comedy show (Comedy show or Kapustnik is a traditional yearly student show featuring dances, sketches and songs with humor)

MAXIMIN is a fascinating, funnyshow consisting of live music, stand-up monologues, videos and sketches. Club MAXIMIN sees its mission as the realization of the creative abilities of NSU Economics Department students, developing creativity in students and graduates that is not limited to their specialization. The unique humor of the Club MAXIMIN comes form participants focus on familiar, well-known and often everyday themes. What MAXIMIN makes jokes about one can learn at the amateur concert party.

Organizers: MAXIMIN – Comedy Club of the NSU Economics Department.

How to participate
  • Contact us
  • Come to our meetings from Monday to Friday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., room 526 in the dormitorynumber 4.

Admission: Tickets required, and can be purchased in the NSU hall and the ticket sales office at the House of Scientists of Akademgorodok, as well as from any club member.