Darwin's Week

Time: February 12–18, 2022  
Location: NSU (Pirogova Street, 1)
Event Type: Popular Science Marathon

Darwin’s Week at NSU is a popular science marathon about the origin of everything in the world for schoolchildren as well as the general public. Every day one can visit a lecture and have an opportunity to ask the speaker questions. Lectures at the first Darwin Week were devoted to the origin of the Universe, the Earth, life, man, language, family and species.
The speakers at the Week are faculty members and scientists from NSU. They are specialists who can share with listeners the latest and most reliable information. Darwin Week lectures are about something that is not yet in the books and will only get there in a few years.
Darwin Week at NSU is timed to overlap with the Day of Darwin, which is celebrated all over the world on February 12.

The culminating event of Darwin Week is Open Door Day at NSU.

Organizer: NSU

Admission: free, preliminary registration required
Contacts: Uliana Murashova, u.murashova@g.nsu.ru