NSU library

NSU library

Free course books, scientific literature and fiction

Free foreign literature

Free access to the world's largest publishers and to 24 international and Russian databases

Resources of the Main Public Scientific and Technical Library of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences:

  • 14 million prints,
  • more than 6,000 full-text journals in electronic format,
  • Databases of foreign abstracts from 140 international data centers.

Dining hall

Dining hall NSU's dining hall and cafes offer a balanced menu using natural products. Prices are adapted to suit the student budget. Cafeterias are available in all academic buildings and dormitories.

Wellness Center

Wellness Center

The Wellness Center provides treatment sessions to students and University staff. Procedures include: curative and invigorating showers and baths, massages, physiotherapy, phytotherapy, light and heat therapies.

Free fitness room in the students dormitories

Free fitness room in the students dormitories Accessible at any time to students to practice sports

Summer recreation camp

Summer recreation camp The University Recreation Camp “Universitetskiy” is located in the forest on the bank of the Ob Sea near the village Burmistrovo.
All the necessary conditions have been created on the campsite for the students, University faculty and employees, as well as their families to have a good rest during summer.

Sports Center

Sports Center One of the biggest in Novosibirsk