Open Door Day

Time: March, 26, 2023
Location: NSU (Pirogova, 1)
Event Type: interactive exhibition-presentation

NSU is a unique place where you can acquire skills in any academic discipline. Here one can excel in natural sciences, as well as engineering, and the humanities. During the Open Door Day, school students and their parents have an opportunity to visit the University and to plunge into the atmosphere of student life. In 2015 the Open Door Day introduced a new format: in addition to traditional elements such as the Rector's greeting, getting familiar with the rules of admission and meetings at the departments; an interactive exhibition-presentation is held, where each department shows its most attractive and interesting offerings. Guests learn firsthand about living and studying at NSU. During the exhibition departments are x introduced by students and young staff members, because they know what the University is today.
Geologists tell how to predict an earthquake, physicians show how to make injections on medical simulators, chemists carry out spectacular experiments together with everyone, biologists introduce laboratory mice, and lawyers dust for fingerprints in a real crime lab. Moreover, visitors are exposed to robots, spelling-battles, literacy checks, tasks on logic, oriental ceremonies, archeological artifacts, optical illusions and much more.

Organizer: NSU
Event Program:
  • Science street (informal presentation of departments)
  • Rector’s address, addresses from secretary of the admission committee and department deans
  • Excursions and meetings at the departments

How to participate
Prospective students and their parents just follow NSU news at website and social networks VK, Facebook and Instagram 

Volunteers: If you want to participate in the organization of this event as a volunteer, please contact

Admission: free
Contacts: Mikhail Golovachev, curator of the Doors Open Day,