Inclusive education

NSU is one of the best universities in Russia, which has an inclusive education program for over 15 years. The University has now gained a great deal of experience in this field including  the modern technologies which enable these students to get equal opportunities in their academic and extracurricular lives. Regardless of their health status, these students receive a quality education in an environment that facilitates their self-realization.

Regular educational system
Students with disabilities are fully integrated in the regular educational system of NSU. Bachelor's, Master's PhD programs.

  • The Specialized Educational Scientific Center for Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology (SESC NSU, boarding school)
  • Higher College of Informatics
  • Preparatory classes, including distance education
  • “Olympiads” at the local, regional and federal level.
Uniform standards of education
The University provides individually designed services for each student with disabilities but does not create “eased” criteria. All the students follow the same program of their faculty and have to meet the same requirements. The university’s goal is to support people with disabilities in overcoming their physical limitations and becoming highly professional specialists, able to face future competition in the labor market.
Academic Support
Students with disabilities benefit from an individual approach: additional academic advising from their professors, individual study plan, additional time during exams and access to information in adapted formats. If a student misses a class because of his health or for another valid reason, an individual plan can be designed for him. There are other forms of academic support.
The University and housing are adapted to the needs of students in wheelchairs or experiencing other difficulties regarding their navigation. Some dormitories are equipped with specialized rooms so that students with disabilities can live independently.
Supporting Services
The University is equipped with modern equipment and software that ensures that students have full access to the University or any other educational resources in adapted formats.
Program for blind and visually impaired students
NSU offers “Orientation and Mobility,” the only program in Russia created for visually impaired students. Specialists in this program support students in autonomously using a walking stick and teach them to use modern navigation technologies. Professor of orientation and mobility, Ekaterina Tchouparina, NSU graduate student, completed her education with a special degree in this field at the University of San-Francisco (USA.) She is the only person in Russia with this international certificate.
Auxiliary services
Personal helpers assist students with disabilities with x transportation, and support them in addressing their academic and everyday life issues. They are usually x classmates of the students with disabilities.
Health support
The health of students with disabilities is regularly checked. If necessary, consultation occurs with appropriate medical specialists and procedures are provided at the University prevention center.
NSU’s Sports center is equipped with modern fitness equipment, and students can exercise, considering medical indications.
Physical education and sport
Students with disabilities can practice sport or pursue physical training - taking into consideration their medical condition – thanks to special equipment. Activities take place at the swimming-pool, at the gym, on playgrounds and at the stadium
Leisure and entertainment
Students have the possibility to relax on the campus of NSU or on the banks of the Obskoy reservoir located nearby, take part in entertaining events and clubs, visit museums, theatres and exhibitions together with other students, but also travel through Russia in summer or go to the seaside in Crimea.
Financial Support
Students with disabilities receive social grants, and can also count on financial support for the acquisition of personal educational equipment, including laptops with special settings and software. They can receive material support to pay for medical treatment and required rehabilitation, and to pay for dormitory communal utilities.
Today, 250 students with disabilities who graduated from NSU are successfully represented in the labor market, achieving brilliant successes in their professional fields – in education, science or business. They are talented, strong personalities who show that nothing is impossible.
Preparation to recruitment
Students with disabilities take part in master-classes with career management specialists, where they can develop their knowledge and skills to successfully get a job, increase their self-confidence, improve their self-presentation skills in the labor market, and to interact with potential employers.


Svetlana Vasilyeva

Svetlana graduated with honors from the Faculty of journalism and received a Masters in Sociology from the Economics Faculty and had a six-month internship in the Unites States thanks to the program “Hubert Humphrey” at the Institute of International Education. She has numerous educational certificates. She worked as director of the resource center for NSU’s visually impaired students; she gives lectures on “social journalism” to two faculties. She currently represents a company which develops special equipment and software for the blind and visually impaired. 

Julia Vasilyeva

Julia graduated from the Faculty of Psychology of NSU, worked in her field in Israel in the center for rehabilitation of people with drug and alcohol addiction; she is now working in Moscow. She took part in races and practiced skydiving when she was a student.

“For already 13 years, the University has played many roles in my life, but always important ones. Our university has its own character and mood. I love it busy and joyful during breaks, under pressure during exams, quiet and thoughtful late in the evening and during summer. The University has become my second home, a true friend. The University is not just a building or a point on the map, it is the people who work and study in it, who are formed by it and give it shape”.

Aliona Zirko

Aliona graduated with honors from the Faculty of Psychology of NSU and received a Masters from the Higher School of Economics in Moscow. Aliena received a musical education, is a x winner of many vocal competitions, participates in tours and composes music. She took part in a group of singers at the opening of the Paralympic Games in Sochi in 2014.

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