World Class Classical Education 

NSU provides a modern, internationally competitive, classical fundamental education. We pay special attention to the comprehensive development of each student's. Education at NSU will teach you how to think more broadly, to find creative solutions, and to achieve success in any field.

Together with lectures and seminars, our education includes fieldwork: all students spend part of their summer doing practical work in the field starting in their first years of study. NSU is a national research university, and is closely linked to science. 80% of NSU teachers are active researchers affiliated with the Russian Academy of Science. Therefore, students get access to first-hand scientific knowledge, and have a chance to practice their skills in 143 scientific laboratories based at the University and 37 institutes of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

All levels of education

Education at Novosibirsk State University

Inclusive education

NSU provides equal access to its education to all its students, including the those with serious health limitations: wheelchair users, visually impaired students, students severe forms of common diseases (infantile cerebral paralysis, etc). 

We value every student, and we are convinced that every person deserves equal opportunities, including the opportunity to study together with the large community of fellow students.

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Open university

NSU has partnership agreements with 155 universities from 29 countries, and 40 joint international educational programs, including 28 “double-diploma” / double degree programs with universities in France, China, and CIS countries.

NSU Students Are Winners of "Chinese Language is a Bridge" Competition All-Russian Stage

Yegor Betekhtin was one of two winners and will represent Russia at the world finals. Anastasia Makarkina took second place giving NSU the silver medal in the team category.

First Foreign Students Graduate from NSU’s "General Medicine" English Language Program

Foreign students at the V. Zelman Institute of Medicine and Psychology graduated with  degrees in General Medicine. In 2016, they were the first students to come from Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and other countries to study medicine at Novosibirsk State University.

NSU Engineering School Students Created 3D Model of Campus

The video prepared by students presents the new campus buildings and SESC NSU that are under construction and scheduled for completion by 2024.

12 September 2022 10:00 Apply for the III Comprehensive Medical Olympiad in Pathology «Prognosis Optima!» – 2022 Apply for the III Comprehensive Medical Olympiad in Pathology «Prognosis Optima!» – 2022

For students of medical and related specialties. In English. Application is available until September, 12. The Olympiad will be held online on November, 4.

10 August 2022 10:00 Climate Science Olympiad 2022 Climate Science Olympiad 2022

You can win up to 5000$. The Olympiad will be held online in English. Deadline for the first stage – August 10. Free of charge.

15 July 2022 10:00 The 8th China International College Students’ «Internet+» Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition The 8th China International College Students’ «Internet+» Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Xinjiang University invites mixed team entries of 2 to 15 students or those who have graduated within the past 5 years. All the participants should be under 35 years old. Competition will be held in English. Registration is open until July 15.

31 March 2022 10:00 Financial Modelling University Championship Financial Modelling University Championship

Championship will be held online from April, 9 to May, 7. Registration is available until March, 31. Free of charge.