There are two accommodation options available for you:

  • NSU dormitory;
  • rental of an apartment.

Dormitory rooms are offered by the University. The dormitories are located in front of the entrance of the Laboratory Building, only a 5-minute walk from the University. International students usually live in shared rooms in block-type dormitories. A block is composed of one or two rooms and a bathroom equipped with a shower and a toilet. Every room is equipped with furniture (tables, chairs, beds, drawers, shelves and wardrobes). Students get a mattress, a blanket, a pillow and other bed linen, which get changed every week. Each floor is equipped with shared furnished kitchens and a leisure room. There is also dedicated laundry rooms which can be used by students free of charge.

Cost for accommodation is 1,200 roubles per month and must be paid by the students themselves. Payments are done each semester, so you pay for several months at a time. Payment is available via cash or card, or online using the NSU website.

Rental apartment
If you do not want to live in an NSU dormitory, there is also an option of renting an apartment close to the University in Akademgorodok. The accommodation fee must be individually negotiated with owners of the apartment. For that a formal rental contract will prove necessary. Renting an apartment around the university costs about 20000 to 35000 roubles per month, and some additional spendings would be required, such as remunerating a real estate agency for their services as well as a safety deposit with the landlord. It would be great if you had a Russian-speaking friend to come along.

We kindly recommend you book a dormitory room for the first two weeks after your arrival until you choose an accommodation option appropriate for you.

Official NSU Internet provider NSUNet can link every room to the Internet via cable.