There are three accommodation options available for you:

  • NSU dormitory;
  • homestay (you will share an apartment with a Russian family);
  • rental of an apartment.

Dormitory rooms are offered by the University. The dormitories are located in front of the entrance of the Laboratory Building, only a 3 minute walk from the University. International students usually live in double-rooms in block-type dormitories. A block is composed of one or two rooms and a bathroom equipped with a shower and toilets. Each floor is equipped with furnished kitchens and a leisure room. Cost for accommodations is 1,200 rubles per month and must be paid by the students.


The University can assist you in finding a family that will be glad to host you. The accommodation fee must be individually negotiated.

Rental apartment
The University can help you find an apartment to rent. The accommodation fee must be individually negotiated with owners of the apartment.

We kindly recommend you book a dormitory room for the first two weeks after your arrival until you choose an accommodation option appropriate for you