All international students are first issued a single-entry student visa for 90 days.
It is then necessary to extend the period of validity of the visa and obtain a multiple-entry visa. One and a half months before the expiration date of your visa, you must submit to the Admission office:

  • The questionnaire that you will be given at the International Department;
  • Your passport (the identity document of the foreign citizen);
  • Your migration card;
  • The detachable part of the document notifying the arrival of the foreign citizen to his place of residence in Russia;
  • A photograph (3×4, mat, without frame and visible angles). Link to the map “where to get your ID photo”);
  • Copy of your study contract.

Travelling outside Russia during the period of validity of your visa The possibility for international students to travel outside Russia depends on the type of their visa. During the first three months after your arrival, with a single-entry visa, you cannot leave the Russian Federation for 90 days (the period of validity of the single-entry visa). If you leave, you will once again need to obtain an invitation from NSU (which takes 30 days). Within three months, you must obtain a multiple-entry visa and then you will be able to travel outside the Russian Federation. You can also apply for a visa extension immediately after your arrival at NSU, so within 3-4 weeks from the date of submission of the documents for your visa extension, you will obtain a new visa for multiple entry (practically, this means that a month after your arrival at NSU you will be able to travel outside the Russian Federation).


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