Climate in Novosibirsk

Many foreigners associate Siberia with a very harsh climate. That is only partly true. The weather in Novosibirsk is not as extreme as it is usually expected. The city is located in Western Siberia which is characterized by a milder climate. The Altai Mountains in the South protect the region of Novosibirsk and creates a microclimate: winter is not as tough as in neighboring regions and the air is not too dry. Novosibirsk is sunny throughout the year and there are not many rainy days. 

Winter is usually very sunny and fluffy snow is everywhere from December to March. Don’t forget to practice some winter sports! The average winter temperature is -15 ° C, and the coldest period lasts approximately 2-3 weeks in January and February, when the temperature drops to -30-35 ° C. However, because of the dry climate, it does not feel as cold x as it might seem and it is easy to protect yourself by wearing warm clothe.

Summer is usually hot in Novosibirsk. The average daily temperature in July, the warmest month, is +25 ° C, and there are sometimes hot periods up to + 30 /+ 35 ° C. Water in the rivers and in the artificial sea (the “Ob Sea”) gets warm so locals enjoy spending time at the beach and swimming.

Note! You can buy some winter clothes and shoes back home, but we would recommend you buy the basic items of your winter wardrobe - coat and boots – in Novosibirsk, since the items bought in warmer countries are often not designed for Siberian temperatures.