Aaminah Jamdar

Year: 2020

Program: Residency training taught in English (Dermatovenerology)

Country: Saudi Arabia

I had interest in taking up dermatology in my residency and i am thankful that i chose NSU. It increased my knowledge and my skills in dermatology. Dr. Irina Sergeeva and Dr. Yulia gave us insight in depth of the topics in immunology and recent advances in treatments. I am confident to treat patients now even with biologicals.

Dr. Irina has made all the sessions very interactive and fun learning along with being able to see different  clinical patients in dispensary.

I would happily recommend my friends in India who want to take up dermatology to NSU.

Currently i got an opportunity in ministry of health, Saudi Arabia and will soon be joining there.

Thanks to Dr. Irina Sergeeva, Dr. Yulia Krinitsina, Dr. Anastasia, Dr. Natalya and my colleagues.

Manaf Hashim

Year: 2019

Program: Residency training taught in English (Dermatovenerology)

Country: Iraq

I work now in Iraq as dermatologist and aesthetic in my country. About my residency in NSU: it was great benefits with a lot of information especially in practice that help me now in my job

Prasanthi Palla

Year: 2019

Program: Residency training taught in English (Dermatovenerology)

Country: India

I was initially drawn to the NSU Dermatology Residency Program after rotating as a medical student and seeing how well all of the residents interacted with each other and all of the attending physicians. More importantly, after my two years of training, I can confidently say my residency prepared me to be an excellent clinician in all areas of dermatology, and I feel very comfortable treating patients of all ages.

Specially I would like to thank dear professor Sergeeva I.G. and  professor Krinitsyna Yu.M. for very interesting and inspirational art of teaching dermatology. My instincts proved true, as the group of people I worked with were the exact co-workers you would like to have, and I have relationships with co-residents and faculty that will certainly be life-long bonds.

That's why I would highly recommend the NSU dermatology program to anyone looking for an outstanding education and an environment where surgical, pediatric dermatology and general dermatology skills can be tailored to fit your interests.

After completed my residency Program, I went my country India in 2018. Immediately I was joined as a dermatologist in one of the established Dermatology Clinic in Hyderabad, and worked up to 2020. Present I am working in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a Dermatology Specialist.  

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