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Economic and Geopolitical Aspects of the «New Silk Road» Project are Discussed in Novosibirsk

Representatives from Russia, China and Kazakhstan discussed interaction between countries participating in the «New Silk Road» project in the context of economics, culture and geopolitics

German hip-hop group held language seminars in NSU

More than 80 students and teachers from different schools and universities in Novosibirsk participated in seminars teaching the German language that were conducted by the well-known hip-hop group Einshoch6

NSU Hosted Internships for French Engineering Schools Students

13 students from French engineering schools completed a scientific/practical internship at the NSU Information Technologies Department (ITD)

An NSU Student Was a Prize-Winner at an International Debate on the Threats of Artificial Intelligence

The city of Lucknow (India) hosted the 5th International Biotechnology Festival “Quest 2017”. The only representatives from Russia at the Festival were three students at the NSU Physics and Mathematics School (PhMS)

Students from Korea are the first to receive Siberian Summer School certificates

The first NSU short-term educational course in Siberian Archaeology was just completed.  The course was offered as part of the NSU Summer School for foreign students, Siberian Summer School

Representatives of Novosibirsk State University and the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology discussed possible cooperation

Novosibirsk State University was visited by a delegation from the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology headed by President Wang Ming Tau. The diplomats met with Novosibirsk State University representatives to outline opportunities for cooperation

NSU, together with the University of Southern California, opened a “mirror” Department of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation

Novosibirsk State University has established a mirror Department of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation in a joint educational project with the University of Southern California

Students from France finish their internships at the Faculty for Information Technology (FIT): "We would like to return here again"

For the fourth year in a row, the FIT faculty hosted internships for students from French engineering schools. Last summer, 13 people had their internship at FIT

An official delegation from the People's Republic of China visited NSU

Representatives of Novosibirsk State University discussed cooperation with Chinese education and scientific organizations at a meeting with Madame Ghen Liping, Consul General of the People's Republic of China and her colleagues in Yekaterinburg

NSU Professor was awarded the highest Order of France

Director of French Center NSU, professor of the Faculty of French language of the Institute of Humanities of Novosibirsk State University Michele Debrenne was appointed the Chevalier of the Legion of Honour by the ordinance of the French Government

Students from Tohoku University will take a two-week Russian language course at NSU

15 students from the University of Tohoku (Japan) have come to Novosibirsk State University as part of the Tohoku University Cross-Cultural Program with Russia 2017 (TUCPR 2017)

NSU as a place to find strength. Foreign students talk about happiness in the heart of Siberia

The homesick syndrome is said to appear within a year after you have started living abroad, far from your homeland. Four NSU students coming from different countries of the world have told us how one year in Akademgorodok has changed their view of the world, how they have overcome stereotypes about Russians and why Siberia may become a place of serenity.