Interweek 2018

The International Student Youth Forum «Interweek» is one of the oldest traditions at NSU. It began with the first “Mayevka” rock concert. It was organized by NSU students in the spring of 1966 as a symbol of international proletarian solidarity. Since the late 1970s, Interweek has become a key forum for youth not only at NSU, but beyond as it has introduced students from around the world to NSU.
Interweek is organized by the NSU Center for Extracurricular and Mentorship Activities. From April 23 - 29 there will be master classes, seminars, games, concerts and sporting events. The "International Arbat" event has become a highlight of Interweek because it gives passers-by a chance to stop being spectators and become participants! The Mayevka rock concert is Interweek’s closing event.
Interweek 2018 Program:
  • “Dances of the World” Marathon: April 23- 27, 12:25 and 14:15, Pirogova Street #1, Block 2, 2nd floor
  • French Culture Day: April 25, 12.00 – 18:00, Exhibition Hall NSU History Museum, auditorium # 2420, Pirogova Street #1
  • Opening of the NSU Italian Center: April 26, 18:00, Creative Center for Students, Pirogova Street #6
  • German Film Evening: April 27, 19:00, Creative Center for Students, Pirogova Street #6
  • Intellectual Game “GeoQuiz”: April 27, 12.00, Creative Center for Students, Pirogova Street #6
  • Concert “Beyond the Boundaries of Russian Folk Music”: April 28, 19:00, NSU Music Salon, Liyapynova Street #2, Basement
  • International Evening “EthnoParty”: April 28, 18:00 – 22:00, Creative Center for Students, Pirogova Street #6
  • Spring Action “Birdhouse Building Day”: April 29, 10:00, NSU campus
  • Sports Festival “InterGames 2018”: April 29, 14:00 – 22:00, NSU Stadium, campus territory
  • Cultural Event “International Arbat”: April 29, 14:00, NSU campus