Cost of works

Calculation of time costs (labor intensity, man-hours) to perform work on validation or verification of greenhouse gases is based on the analysis of information on the key issues applicable to a particular greenhouse gas statement:

  • Proposed level of validation, significance, criteria, goals, and scope;
  • Complexity of the greenhouse gas application;
  • Complexity of the project or organization and measurement/monitoring processes;
  • The organizational environment, including the structure of the organization that developed and manages the greenhouse gas statement;
  • Baseline scenario for project validation and verification, including selection and quantification of greenhouse gas sources and sinks to the baseline scenario;
  • Identified greenhouse gas sources, sinks and their monitoring for the verification;
  • Processes that provide information and data to the greenhouse gas statement;
  • Organizational relationships and interactions between stakeholders, responsible parties, the client and intended users;
  • Requirements of validation or verification criteria.

Calculation of the cost of time to validate or verify a greenhouse gas statement relating to a grouped project is carried out, including taking into account the binding document of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) IAF MD 6:2014 "IAF binding document for the application of ISO 14065:2013".

C = t *T * (1+ Ksw + Kosf /100) * (1+P/100), where t - labor intensity of validation or verification, man-days; T – daily salary rate of validation expert/verification expert, rubles; Ksw - standard accrual for wages, established by current legislation, %; Kosf - overhead cost factor, %; R - profitability level, %.

The cost of man-hour of the validation and verification expert is established by the corresponding local normative act.

The minimum required number of man-days is determined depending on the number of assessed sites Nsites, corresponding complexity classes, which have Nobjects emission source objects emitting NGHG types of greenhouse gases. For the quantitative assessment of which (emission calculation) requires up to 30 minutes of working time of the expert for one greenhouse gas, as well as time for planning work and registration of the results of validation or verification: formula.png

The calculation is performed for each application submitted to the validation and verification body.

The final calculation of the cost of greenhouse gas validation or verification work is provided to the customer at the stage of agreeing the draft contract for the provision of validation or verification services.