Verification/validation process description

Verification/validation is a systematic, independent and documented process for evaluating greenhouse gas applications for compliance with agreed accreditation criteria. Verification/validation is carried out in accordance with the scope of accreditation of the greenhouse gas validation and verification body (hereinafter referred to as the GHG VVB). 

The verification/validation process includes the following steps: 

  • Conclusion of the contract; 
  • Discussion and approval of the verification/validation work execution plan; 
  • Performance of verification/validation works; 
  • Preparation and issuance of verification/validation report.
Stage 1
  • NSU GHG VVB reviews information received from prospective clients (customers) in order to determine potential risks to impartiality; 
  • NSU GHG VVB reviews information received from prospective clients (customers) in order to determine the competence of NSU GHG VVB personnel and resources required for verification of greenhouse gas applications; 
  • NSU GHG VVB enters into a verification agreement (contract) with the client; 
  • NSU GHG VVB ensures that the objectives, scope and level of assurance (guarantees) are agreed with the client (customer);
  • NSU GHG VVB Head appoints Validation/Verification Team Head
Stage 2
  • Assign a team to perform verification/validation work; 
  • Exchange of information with the client and/or the responsible party; 
  • Based on the developed and approved verification/validation and sampling plans, the NSU GHG VVB verification/validation team has to study in detail the types of activities and to determine the deadlines required for verification/validation completion.
Stage 3
  • NSU GHG VVB Verification/Validation Group evaluates the GHG application in accordance with the requirements, taking into account data and information assessment, verification/validation plans and data sampling; 
  • NSU GHG VVB Verification/Validation Group assesses compliance with verification/validation criteria; 
  • NSU GHG VVB analyzes the sufficiency of the evidence collected by the verification/validation team in assessing control, data and information on greenhouse gases.
Stage 4
  • The competent expert confirms the completion of all verification/validation works; 
  • The competent expert concludes that the GHG statement does not have a significant discrepancy, and the verification/validation work ensures the level of approval (guarantees); 
  • NSU GHG VVB issues a verification/validation conclusion based on the draft conclusion made based on the verification/validation results.