Olga Krivosheeva, Head


  • Novosibirsk State University, Management (Master's degree), 2016;
  • Institute of Economics and Industrial Production Organization of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, teacher-researcher in Economics (postgraduate), 2021;
  • National Accreditation Institute, "Greenhouse Gas Management and Related Activities" (professional development certificate), 2022;
  • Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, "Greenhouse Gas Management and Related Activities" (professional development certificate), 2022;
  • Tyumen State University, "Practice of creation and development of carbon test site and associated climate projects: human resources, technology, equipment" (certificate of advanced training), 2021;
  • Moscow School of Management "Skolkovo", "Energy Transition 4.0" (professional development certificate), 2020.


Ivan Vasenev, Specialist

Experience in validation/verification of greenhouse gases since 2007. Specialization "Crop and livestock farming, hunting and provision of related services in these areas".

Does not perform verification work.

Validation, codes of ARCEA (All-Russian Classifier of Economic Activities):

ARCEA 01.10 Cultivation of annual crops, ARCEA 01.11 Cultivation of cereals (except rice), leguminous crops and oilseeds, ARCEA 01.12 Cultivation of rice, ARCEA 01. 13 Growing of vegetables, melons, root and tuber crops, mushrooms and truffles, ARCEA 01.19 Growing of other annual crops, ARCEA 01.20 Growing of perennial crops, ARCEA 01.25 Growing of other fruit trees, bushes and nuts, ARCEA 01. 26 Cultivation of oil-bearing fruits, ARCEA 01.29 Cultivation of other perennial crops, ARCEA 01.30 Cultivation of sprouts, ARCEA 01.50 Mixed farming, ARCEA 01.60 Supporting activities in the field of crop production and postharvest handling of agricultural products, ARCEA 01.61 Provision of services in plant growing, ARCEA 01.63 Post-harvest agricultural activities.

- Extract from the Minutes of the Scientific Council Meeting № 3 dated 19.10.2015;

- methodological guidelines for the diagnosis of organic carbon, nitrogen, petroleum products and the composition of soil humus substances;

- article "Evaluation of the effect of carbon dioxide emitted during the plowing of cereal straw with HUMICOLA FUSCOATRA" on photosynthetic processes and productivity of sugar beet;

- final scientific report for 2014-2015 under the grant of the President of the Russian Federation for state support of the leading scientific school of the RF SS-4266.2014.4 at the expense of the federal budget, the topic of the scientific research: "Development, verification and zonal adaptation of basic elements of information and methodological support of agroecological monitoring of lands and agricultural products quality in conditions of representative agricultural landscapes of the Central region of Russia".

- patent "Method for purification of gases from carbon dioxide";

- patent "Device for measuring greenhouse gas emissions from soil and plants";

- article "Ecological assessment according to the criteria of "green projects" for thermal power facilities of the Russian Federation";

- article "Seasonal Dinamics of CO2 Fluxes in Two Central-Russian Agroecosystems with Contrasting Ecological and Agronomic Conditions";

- Information about research, development and technological work "Development of basic elements of agroecological GIS framework with target functions of potential yield forecast of major crops in Uganda";

- Ph.D. thesis abstract on "Environmental factors of spatial and temporal variability of soil greenhouse gas fluxes in spruce forests of the Central Forest Reserve" (supervisor I.I. Vasenev);

- Ph.D. thesis on "Ecological assessment of soil CO2 emission in the succession of overgrowth of spruce stands on the territory of the Central Forest Reserve" (scientific supervisor I.I. Vasenev).


  • Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, Higher Attestation Commission, Doctor of Biological Sciences, 2003;
  • Certificate of Professor at the Department, academic rank "Professor at the Department of Ecology", 2007;
  • Professor at the Department of Ecology, 2007.
  • A member of freelance experts of state environmental expertise of Interregional Department of Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources Management in Moscow and Kaluga region;
  • He is the head of the laboratory of agroecological monitoring, modeling and forecasting of ecosystems in the "Russian State Agrarian University MSKHA named after K.A. Timiryazev".
  • A certificate № 2022041 on registration as a know-how result of intellectual activity "Development of recommendations for the use of environmentally sound technology of algoremediation, taking into account the characteristics of a particular body of water and season".
  • Patents: RU 2 518 979 C1 "Device for measuring greenhouse gas emissions from soil and plants", 2012, RU 2 533 138 C2 "Method of cleaning gases from carbon dioxide".

Svetlana Evgrafova, Specialist

Experience in greenhouse gas validation/verification since 2000. Specialization sector "Land use, land use change and forestry".

Does not perform verification work.

Validation, ARCEA codes:

ARCEA 02.10 Forestry and other forestry activities, ARCEA 02.20 Logging, ARCEA 02.40 Provision of services in the field of forestry and logging.

 - article "Influence of temperature and humidity on greenhouse gas emission in experiments to simulate the complete vegetation cycle of the tundra system";

- information on research, development and technological work for civil purposes, "Structure of microbial complexes of the methane cycle and evaluation of methane emission and absorption by microbiocenoses of cryogenic soils of Siberia";

- article "Dynamics of soil respiration at different stages of post-fire regenerative succession on the example of different-age cinders of Evenkiya";

- article "Microbiological transformation of carbon and nitrogen compounds in forest soils of central Evenkiya";

- article "Microbiological transformation of carbon CH4 and CO 2 in cryogenic soils of tundra and forest ecosystems of Siberia;

- article "Methane emission from the soil surface in tundra and forest ecosystems of Siberia".


  • Krasnoyarsk State University, Diploma, Biologist, 1994;
  • Sukachev Forest Institute, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Candidate of Biological Sciences, 2002.
  • Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, Associate Professor in Economics, 2012.
  • Associate Professor in Ecology, 2012.