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NSU Researchers Develop Method to Reduce Cancer Cell Resistance to Chemotherapy

Scientists at NSU’s Natural Sciences Department Protein Engineering Laboratory developed a software pipeline that predicts the effects of mutations on proteins responsible for cancer cell resistance to chemotherapy. Their results are published in the prestigious international “Journal of Biological Chemistry”.

NSU team achieved competitive results at Quantum Machine Learning Hackathon QHack

Master students from Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence MMF NSU master program took part in Quantum Machine Learning Hackathon and got prized place.

NSU Scientists Develop One of the Largest Genetic Association Databases

NSU scientists developed one of the largest genetic association databases in the world. The database contains billions of associations of genome variants with human traits that were identified in hundreds of scientific studies conducted by the international scientific community. Information about these associations increases our understanding of human genetics and biology and can contribute to the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases. The results of this work were published in the public domain journal “Nucleic Acids Research”.


NSU Launches Russian Version of Johns Hopkins University Coursera COVID-19 Contact Tracing Course

Johns Hopkins University, one of the leading universities in the world and home to a major coronavirus research center, developed a COVID-19 Contact Tracing online course. The Course provides an understanding of how to stop the spread of coronavirus. The English-language version is very popular on Coursera with over a million participants in just a few months. In response to the high demand, the University looked for partners in different countries to translate the Course ​​and adapt it to reflect local conditions. Novosibirsk State University was chosen to be the Russian partner.

NSU Scientists and University Sophomore Co-author Article on Chinese Postman Problem

NSU scientists Rene van Bevern, Head of the Algorithmics Laboratory at the NSU Mechanics and Mathematics Department(MMD) and Oksana Tsidulko, Junior Researcher at the Laboratory, and Vsevolod Afanasyev, MMD sophomore co-authored an article published in “Operations Research Letters” that is part of Q2 on Scopus. The article explores hierarchical Chinese Postman Problems. These Problems require finding the shortest path along the edges of a graph in which the edges are divided into classes and there are precedent constraints between the classes such as an edge can be traversed only when all edges in the classes preceding this class are traversed.

New NSU Coursera English Language Course: “Basics of Thermodynamics”

Novosibirsk State University is launching its new English language online Coursera course, “Basics of Thermodynamics”. It was developed in partnership with Omsk State Technical University. The Course focuses on the fundamentals of thermodynamics and provides essential knowledge for engineering, technical, and natural science students. It provides a basic understanding of thermal processing arrangements in nature and how power stations work. Participants also learn how to solve problems associated with thermal phenomena. You can register for the Course on Coursera and start learning now.

NSU in Top 100 of QS World University Rankings by Subject 2021

The QS World University Rankings by Subject 2021 was just published.  Novosibirsk State University was ranked in 18 subjects in four academic spheres.  

Novosibirsk Scientists Research Solid Electrolyte Transfer Properties

Their research results were published in the “Structural Chemistry” journal. Everyone knows liquid electrolytes, they are the ones that conduct electric current in ordinary batteries. However, solid electrolytes exist with them and the scientific community is still questioning how ions are transferred in them. Some organic salts of substituted ammonia have rather high ionic conductivity in a solid state.

NSU Rated in Top 5 Best Universities in Emerging Europe and Central Asia

The Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) British agency rating of Emerging Europe and Central Asia universities (QS EECA) ranks 400 universities, 121 of them are in Russia. 2020 ratings were published on December 16 and Novosibirsk State University landed in the top five universities and third among Russian universities.


NSU Scientist Creates Coronavirus Detector

Scientists at the Institute of Automation and Electrometry SB RAS, together with ScientificCoin, developed a method for operative diagnostics of the human organism.  They created the Healthmonitor gas analyzer that can determine the presence of coronavirus infection in the body with an accuracy of 85%.

NSU Scientists Publish Article in Prestigious “Laser and Photonics Reviews” Journal

In February 2021, NSU scientists published a review of the characterizations of single particles using light scattering methods in “Laser and Photonics Reviews”. The review covers research on a wide variety of microparticles, from atmospheric dust to blood cells. The article’s objective is to present developments from various groups around the world. 

New Coursera Course Reveals Why Volcanos Erupt and Earthquakes Happen

Novosibirsk State University is launching a new course, "Seismic Tomography: Look inside  Earth". 

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