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Novosibirsk Scientists Participate in Large Hadron Collider Experiment

Researchers at the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics (INP SB RAS) and NSU joint laboratory are continuing their work on the ATLAS Experiment to study the properties of the Higgs boson particle. ATLAS (A Toroidal LHC ApparatuS) is one of the two largest particle detector experiments to acquire and analyze data in collisions of ultra high-energy proton beams at the Large Hardon Collider (LHC). LHC is a particle accelerator located at the “European Organization for Nuclear Research’ (CERN) near Geneva, Switzerland.

NSU Scientists Research New Phase State of Microporous Materials.

Novosibirsk scientists studied the dynamics of an organometallic skeletal structure that was reduced to a partially amorphous state. Their research colleagues at Kyoto University created glass that retained porous properties.

NSU Student Winner in All-Russian Student Competition "Chinese is the Bridge"

Competition winners received invitations for year-long internships at a leading Chinese university.

NSU Students Research Car Sharing in Siberia

NSU Economics Department graduates, Anna Simonenko and Sophia Makarevich conducted research on the phenomenon of commercial and non-commercial car sharing based on  Delimobil and BlaBlaCar ride sharing services and their users in the Siberian Federal District. 

Who wore it better? Archaeologists study fashion of the last foragers and the first farmers 8 thousand years ago

A team of archaeologists explores material productions from key sites discovered 60 years ago near the Caspian Sea. Their project aims to shed light on the way people materialized their cultural identity from 12 to 5 thousand years ago in the region.

NSU Scientists Study Genetic Foundation of Varicose Veins

Varicose veins in the legs are a common ailment, occurring on average in every third adult Russian. A proven risk factor for the development of this disease is heredity. The genetics of varicose veins, unlike the genetics of other common pathologies, only recently attracted the attention of researchers.

NSU Hosts 6th Russian-Chinese Conference on Knot Theory

From June 17 to 21 scientists from China, Japan, South Korea, India, Greece, the USA, and Russia attended the sixth Russian-Chinese Conference on Knot Theory and Related Issues at NSU.

NSU Student Wins First Place at Warsaw International Conference

At an International Student Medical Conference in Warsaw earlier this month, a paper presented by a student at the NSU Natural Sciences Department won first place in the  “Genetics and Molecular Biology” category.

The first in this year Open Scientific Seminar of the Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Master Program was conducted

On 25th of April the first in this year Open Scientific Seminar of the Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Master Program was conducted. Students presented preliminary results of their master's and term papers. The seminar was broadcasted online and open for the Open Data Science Siberia community.

NSU Admissions Campaign Begins

NSU launched its admissions campaign on June 20.  

NSU Master Class for Schoolchildren on Artificial Intelligence

On April 29, a Master Class, “What is Artificial Intelligence and How Does it Work?” was conducted for schoolchildren in grades 8-10; The Class was part of the “Future Professionals in the Digital Economy” regional project with support from the NSU Mathematics and Mechanics Department and the NSU Stream Data Analytics and Machine Learning Laboratory.

NSU Scientists Publish Article on Nonlinear Fourier Transform

NSU graduates and researchers at the NSU Nonlinear Photonics Laboratory,  Igor Chekhovskoy, Olga Shtyrina, Mikhail Fedoruk, Sergey Medvedev, and Sergey Turitsyn, published their article, “Nonlinear Fourier Transform for Analysis of Coherent Structures in Dissipative Systems”, in one of the most prestigious physics journals, the “Physical Review Letters”.  The Journal’s impact factor is 8.839.

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