Electro and Acousto Optics Sector

The sector specializes in the design and creation of the acousto-optic structure to control the laser beam of visible and near infrared region of the spectrum. The technological chain of production of acousto-optic devices has been created. Unique acousto-optical filters, acousto-optic modulators, deflectors and other devices have been manufactured on the basis of this technology. Developments are protected by dozens of patents.

The electro-optic modulators based on crystals of PTP (potassium titanyl phosphate), RTP (rubidium titanyl phosphate) and BBO (beta-borate boron) are of particular interest. Electro-optical modulators based on these crystals are more widely used in modern laser systems, due to the combination of sufficiently good electro-optical characteristics and the technological opportunity of obtaining large perfect crystals. The development of technologies to create such electro-optical elements in Russia is associated with a number of significant challenges, first of all with the lack of modern equipment base to control the parameters of such elements and electro-optic characteristics of crystals. Today the demand of Russian consumers for this product is mainly met due to the import, export-oriented products is almost not manufactured. NSU together with the leading Russian manufacturer of crystal optical elements for laser technology LLC "Crystals of Siberia" is implementing a project to create the necessary laboratory stands, which can significantly improve the manufacturing technology of electro-optical elements, and facilitate the preparation and retention of young experts in science and technology.

The sector is a part of the Applied Physics Section of NSU.

Head of Sector: Peter G. Pasko, pgpasko@ngs.ru

Department of Physics NSU