Nonlinear Photonics Laboratory

The laboratory is a research center of the world-class, able to function at a high level due to Russian and international scientific and applied projects, contracts with companies and the implementation of its own developments. Developments of the laboratory are used in advanced laser systems for scientific, industrial and medical applications, systems of safe information transfer.

Areas of research:
  •  innovative concepts and fundamentally new theories of new nonlinear devices and photonic systems;
  •  new technologies for optical communications, lasers, secure information transfer and medicine;
  •  demonstration of the practical application of developed technologies in high-speed coherent optical communications, advanced laser systems for scientific, industrial and medical applications, systems of safe information transfer.
The main tasks of the laboratory:

  •  Development of the broad physical platform for the latest nonlinear technologies and photonics systems with large-scale application in telecommunications, laser, medical and sensor technology;
  •  Development of new best practices for high-performance modeling and methods of transformation nonlinear optics;
  •  Development of new concepts and methods of nonlinear photonics;
  •  Development of new elements and configurations of fiber laser systems;
  •  Creation of original spatial-frequency circuits of uniform gain with ultra low noise in the lines of information transfer on the basis of extra-long fiber lasers, advanced modulation formats taking into consideration properties of non-linear optic channels.
Laboratory researchers proposed a new experimental approach to study the laser dynamics. The observed spatial and temporal modes of lasing generation suggest that those lasers previously considered unstable, are not such. This opens up new possibilities in fundamental and practical research to achieve new modes of laser generation.

The laboratory of Nonlinear photonics is a part of the Division of Laser Physics and Innovative Technologies of NSU, which is already successfully functioning for more than 30 years in the field of research and development of new advanced high technology systems and photonics technologies for applications in physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and engineering. Laser equipment, developed in cooperation with the company "Tekhnoscan", successfully functions in many scientific research institutions around the world, including such the largest metrology and atomic centers as NIST (USA), PTB, GSI, DESI (Germany), BNM (France) NMIJ / AIST (Japan), BARC (India), KAERI (South Korea).

Head of Laboratory: Professor Sergei Turitsyn, who heads the Institute of Photonics at the University of Aston (UK).

Expert: Doctor in Physics and Mathematics Sergey Michaelovich

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