The Analytical and Technological Research Center "High Technology and Nanostructured Materials" at Physics Department (ATRC PD) of the Novosibirsk State University (earlier was named ATIC HT&NM NSU) was established to conduct structural-functional and technology research in physics and solid-state chemistry and to study unique nanosystems and materials. These research are targeted at such promising fields as nanoelectronics, nanophotonics, certification methods for nanomaterials, functional nanomaterials, nanostructured materials and nanopowders.

The Center’s primary focuses are:

  • creation of elements and devices of micro-, nano-, optoelectronics and photonics for the modern digital economy;
  • development of the information and communication environment and quantum technologies;
  • synthesis and research of functional multicomponent nanomaterials including composite, fundamental and applied research in the field of additive technologies

The ATRC PD’s scientific-educational activity will involve the training and retraining of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel to achieve the highest qualifications. This objective is supported by the participation of young scientists, graduate students and students in research conducted on specialized equipment and their involvement in innovative activities based on the development of unique nanosystems and materials.

The ATRC PD’s structure includes:

  • the NSU “Nanotechnology” scientific and educational center;
  • the Center of collective use of devices and equipment « High Technologies and Analytics of Nanosystems»;
  • a business incubator for nano and biomedical technology.

The ATRC PD also has sectors dedicated to diagnostic and technology research.

Diagnostic Sectors:

  • High-resolution electron transmission microscopy;
  • High-vacuum scanning tunneling microscopy and electron-beam lithography;
  • Scanning electron and scanning probe microscopy;
  • X-ray diffractometry;
  • Optical methods for studying nanostructures;
  • Electrophysical properties of films and structures;
  • Research on frequency-selective properties of objects in millimeter and terahertz ranges.

Technology Sectors:

  • Micro and nanostructuring of objects;
  • Creating multilayer structures;
  • Effects of powerful microwave radiation on objects;
  • Impact of particle beams and plasma streams on objects;
  • Microwave chemical technology.

The Center of collective use of devices and equipment «High Technologies and Analytics of Nanosystems» of the Novosibirsk State University is functional operated on bases of the ATRC PD’s infrastructure. This scientific- organizational entity supports scientific research and provides services to interested parties (legal entities and individuals) based on the intellectual potential of the highly qualified specialists who apply to use the modern technology and analytical equipment, as well as the unique devices located at the Center.