Location: in front of NSU (Pirogova, 2)
Event Type: Festival

The event is a festival of modern street culture, which presents various genres: dance, graffiti, street ball, DJing, trampoline sport, windsurfing, surfing and balance boarding, auto and motor sport as well as different extreme sports to the residents of the city. Everyone can watch  the performances and competitions as well as take part in them. The festival ends with an open-air party featuring popular Novosibirsk DJs and MCs.

Organizer: NSU student center for extra-curricular activities and educational work
Event Program:
  • Dance Art Mob
  • Spring Festival of youth cultures in the open air
  • Open-air party
How to Participate: You can register in advance by writing to the organizer, or on-site during the event.
Admission: free
More information
Contacts: cwr@nsu.ru, nsurbania@gmail.com