Time: December, 2018
Location: NSU (Pirogova Street, 1)
Event Type: Competition

If you are feeling lost or confused around New Year's Eve, sculpt a snowman! Snowman Day gathers students from different countries who compete to make the most creative and unusual snowman in the inner courtyard of the new NSU building. This is an opportunity to be distracted from the upcoming tests and exams, get acquainted with students from other departments and years as well as make selfies with new friends, throwsnowballs, lie in snowdrifts and have a small holiday in the middle of a school day.

Organizer: NSU

Event program: modeling snowmen, tea with buns, award ceremony for the most creative snowmen designers

How to participate
  • Guests. Follow the news on the site of NSU and in social networks: VK, Facebook, Instagram
  • Volunteers. If you want to be a volunteer at this event, please, contact its curator Kristina Dreer
Admission: free
Contacts: Anastasia Mashkina, curator, a.shlee@g.nsu.ru