Summer school is:

Intensive study of the Russian language, 2 to 12 weeks

Classes in small groups (3-8 students)

Learning from highly qualified teachers

The latest textbooks and materials developed by our teachers especially for you

Learning in the stimulating atmosphere of NSU and Akademgorodok

Living in a quiet and environmentally-friendly place

Fun tea breaks: every day at the break between classes all of our students and their teachers gather together to drink tea and chat

The opportunity to make friends with experts in Russian culture and native Russian speakers

Meeting interesting people from all parts of the globe

Active cultural program: exciting excursions, workshops, sports activities twice a week:

  •  Excursion to Novosibirsk
  •  Novosibirsk zoo
  •  Planetarium
  •  Museums: The railway Museum, Museum of Geology, Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography of Siberia, etc
  •  Theatres, concerts, festivals, opera and ballet, Novosibirsk Philharmonic Hall, the festival of historical reconstruction and etc
  •  Master classes: Slavic Pisanka, Russian traditional painting etc.

Classes are taught in small groups (3-8 students). Intensive program for 20 academic hours per week (5 days from Monday till Friday).

Weeks Hours ECTS Price
2 40 2 320 €
3 60 3 480 €
4 80 4 480 €
5 100 5 600 €
6 120 6 720 €
7 140 7 840 €
 8  160 8 960 €
 9  180 9 1080 €
 10  200  10 1200 €
 11  220  11 1320 €
 12  240  12 1440 €

* 1 academic hour = 45 minutes

The price includes: education and cultural program. You receive a certificate indicating the number of credits (ECTS) at the end of the course.

You need to register for a course three months before the course starts.

See you in Siberia!


Saitoglu Pelin

Year: 2015

Program: Russian language summer school

Country: Turkey

I applied for the summer program at Novosibirsk State University in the summer of 2015. And the first thing I noticed is that even if you are a beginner, they will speak with you in Russian so you can't run away easily. The teachers and the office staff were friendly and they are all different ages.

In the summer program you will have a chance to go on excursions twice a week, have tea breaks with all international students/teachers 5 days and one cultural activity. As a person who studied Russian language & literature in my own country I learned how to speak like a normal Russian citizen in this summer course. It is not just simply grammar, they will teach you how to speak.

And the best thing is...the campus itself – Akademgorodok! You will be with academicians and students at  NSU. You can find anything you want there and it is going to be cheaper than your own countries. As a nature lover I am not even going to count the big forest that you can lose yourself in every day when you are exercising.

And the best thing which surprised me there... the dormitory. You will have a chance to stay with all international students on the same floor in the best dormitory, which was above my expectations as a person who lived in an ex-soviet country dormitory before.