Apply to Russian language summer school

Who is eligible to apply?

Anyone who is interested in learning Russian language can enroll in our classes. You do not have to be a student of the University.

Application deadlines

You should sign up for a course three months before the class starts.

Study Period Duration/ Dates Application Deadlines Arrival Dates
Academic year from September 1 till May 31 May 15 from August 28 till August 31
First semester from September 1 till December 23 May 15 from August 28 till August 31
Second semester from January 10 till May 31 October 15 from January 6 till January 9
Summer school from June 1 till August 20 March 15 from May 28 till May 31

Winter vacation – from December 24 till January 9

In case you cannot arrive for the beginning of the course, please write us indicating your dates. We will answer you, whether or not there’s a possibility for you to join a mini-group during this period. In this case, you should let us know three months before the intended arrival date.

Step 1
Please upload a scanned copy of your passport page with your personal information and photo
Step 2
We need you to complete our entrance test to make sure that we have a suitable mini-group for you. Within 3 days after you submit your application our manager will contact you and give you instructions for entrance test procedure.