Russian language courses

Russian language in the contemporary world


8th spoken language in the world

260 000 000

260 million people in the world speak Russian

Most spoken Slavic language

One of the six working languages at the UN and UNESCO

The language of communication throughout the Post-Soviet space

4th language in the world based on number of translated books


2nd most popular language on the Internet

The language of world-famous Russian culture and literature

The language of science and business

NSU offers programs in Russian as a foreign language

  1. We offer group, mini-group and individual training
  2. Complex training in conversation, listening comprehension, reading and area studies, writing, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary
  3. Our teachers are professional language educators
  4. We do TORFL (Test of Russian as a foreign language) preparation programs
  5. We offer accommodation at the dormitory (a 10 minute walk from the University)
  6. Low living costs in Novosibirsk
  7. 2000 graduates from 60 countries

Russian language Academic year course
Groups for levels А0, А1, А2, В1 Are formed according to the level of Russian language proficiency, which is determined by an online test.
Study period September, 1 - June,16
Application deadline June, 15
Amount of academic hours 1008
Intensity 28 hours per week
Program cost Group classes (6-15 students) - 170 000 rubles
mini-group classes (3-5 students) - 420 000 rubles
Special options
Language support For those who
  • are already studying in Novosibirsk and need additional Russian tuition
  • live in Novosibirsk and want to study Russian
Study period Upon your request
Intensity Mini-group classes are available
Cost 400 rubles per academic hour
One-to-one classes
For those who
  • are interested in individual approach to their schedule, intensity, and duration of the course
  • are interested in additional classes along with the main Russian language course
Study period Upon your request
Intensity Mini-group classes are available
Cost 1600 rubles per academic hour

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate with the name of the training program, the number of hours for the program and your grades


1. Republic of Korea - 23%

2. USA - 19%

3. Japan - 11%

4. China - 10%

5. France - 7%

6. UK - 5%

7. Germany - 5%

8. Other countries - 20%

Check out other Russian as a foreign language programs: 

Russian Language Summer School 

The program includes Russian language classes and entertainment program with excursions, workshops, games and other activities. More about Russian Language Summer School.

 Pre-University course

For those foreign students who plan to pursue a higher education degree at Novosibirsk State University or other universities in Russia but have not yet reached the required level of proficiency in Russian. More about Pre-University course.




Maier Alyssa

Year: 2019

Program: Russian language courses

Country: USA

Hi, my name is Alyssa, I'm from the United States. I'm studying at Novosibirsk State University (NSU) for the summer in the Russian Summer Language Program. I chose NSU because I wanted an original Russian experience. When searching for universities in Russia, NSU was the best option. It is highly ranked and well known. Programs in St. Petersburg and Moscow are much more expensive and here the Russian language program gives so many opportunities to immerse yourself in the culture and befriend Russian students. I love being surrounded by the forest and my time here has been unforgettable

Ferreira Maria

Year: 2019

Program: Russian language courses

Country: Brazil

Living and studying at Akademgorodok was a very good experience. Novosibirsk State University provided us with good classes, excellent teachers and, above all things, a lot of contact with Russian native speakers. I would recommend the experience.

Ballet Thomas

Year: October, 2019

Program: Russian language courses

Country: France

CIEP's (Center for international educational programs) help was useful from the preparation of documents (visa,contract, etc) to the assistance it gave me to get used to life in NSU and Akademgorodok. The Russian language courses were very interesting and helped me improve quickly my proficiency in this language. The teachers are professional and they helped me to be more confident in Russian. The small-group classes were perfect for that purpose. CIEP also organizes interesting events (excursions in Novosibirsk and Akademgorodok) which provide interesting informations for those who want to understand better Siberian's life and History.

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