Russian language in the contemporary world


8th spoken language in the world

260 000 000

260 million people in the world speak Russian

Most spoken Slavic language

One of the six working languages at the UN and UNESCO

The language of communication throughout the Post-Soviet space

4th language in the world based on number of translated books


2nd most popular language on the Internet

The language of world-famous Russian culture and literature

The language of science and business

NSU offers programs in Russian as a foreign language

100-120 hours

Minimal communicative competence.

SPEAKING: I can ask and answer simple questions on very familiar topics. I can use phrases and sentences to describe where I live and people I know.

LISTENING: I can understand very basic phrases concerning myself, my family, my friends people I know.

READING: I can understand familiar names, words and simple sentences, for example on notices, posters, catalogues.

WRITING: I can write short, simple greeting postcards. I can feel in forms with personal details: name, nationality, address.


200-260 hours

Primary level of communicative competence.

SPEAKING: I can speak on familiar topics about myself, my family, my friends, work or education, my city.

LISTENING: I can understand very basic personal and family information, shopping, local area, employment.

READING: I can read very short advertisements, pamphlets, menus and timetables.

WRITING: I can write short notes, messages and personal letters.


320-380 hours

First level - general level for everyday communication on social and cultural topics. First level Certificate is necessary to enroll in a Russian university.

SPEAKING: I can speak about my family, hobbies, work and travels. I can speak about the plot of a movie or book.

LISTENING: I can understand the main idea of radio or TV programs.

READING: I understand the written description of feelings and events. I understand short texts about life and work.

WRITING: I can write a letter and small texts about my life, travels and my friends.


320-420 hours

Second level - sufficiently high level of communicative competence. The Second level Certificate is necessary for getting Bachelor degree, and for applying to Master programs.

SPEAKING: I can participate in dialogues without preparation; I can participate in discussions actively.

LISTENING: I understand presentations and lectures, almost all news reports; I understand the content of many movies.

READING: I understand articles as well as contemporary fiction.

WRITING: I can write detailed messages on subjects of interest. I can write an argumentative essay or report.


280-320 hours

Third level - high level of communicative competence. The Third level Certificate gives you an opportunity to get Bachelor and Master degrees even in Linguistics

SPEAKING: I can express, almost freely, my thoughts on TV programs, books and movies I read or watched. I can speak about life and abstract notions.

LISTENING: I understand detailed messages; I understand, almost fluently, all TV programs and movies.

READING: I understand large complex nonfiction and fiction texts and their stylistic features. I understand specialized technical instructions and articles.

WRITING: I know how to express my thoughts in writing and to elaborate on my views. I have no difficulties writing essays or reports on complex issues, I know how to use different styles according to the situation of communication.



Fourth level - fluent level, close to the level of a native speaker. The Fourth level Certificate enables a holder to conduct all kinds of teaching and research activities in the field of Russian language


(no exact amount of hours, because this level is close to the level of an educated native speaker)

  1. Studying is offered in small groups (3 to 8 people)
  2. We adjust the study program according to the needs of each group
  3. Individual on-line classes with teachers using Google services (google hangouts meetup, google disk, google classes). Classes are conducted year round. The intensity, program and class schedule are agreed on with the student. Cost for 1 academic hour (45 minutes) is 15 Euro.
  4. We have more than 20 years of experience teaching foreign students
  5. Our teachers are professional language educators
  6. We do TORFL (Test of Russian as a foreign language) preparation programs
  7. We offer accommodation at the dormitory (a 3 minute walk from the University) or in a host family reasonably priced
  8. Low living costs in Novosibirsk
  9. 1600 graduates from 48 countries

1. Republic of Korea - 25%

2. USA - 21%

3. Japan - 12%

4. China - 7%

5. France - 7%

6. UK - 5%

7. Germany - 5%

8. Other countries - 18%

We offer Russian as a foreign language programs from the level zero to advanced levels throughout the year. The education is organized in accordance with the University semester calendar; Russian language Summer school operates from June to August.

Education calendar

From To Academic hours* ECTS Cost
per week total
First semester 01.09.2020 22.12.2020 320 16 1 700 €
Second semester 11.01.2021 31.05.2021 20 (5 days) 380 19 2 000 €
Academic year 01.09.2020 31.05.2021
700 35 3 500 €
You may choose between the following options if you already have intermediate (B1) level
First semester 01.09.2020 22.12.2020 192 10 1 050 €
Second semester 11.01.2021 31.05.2021 12 (3 days) 228 11 1 250 €
Academic year 01.09.2020 31.05.2021      420 21 2 200 €

* 1 academic hour = 45 minutes


You need to register for a course three months before the course begins. If you cannot arrive by the course starting date, please e-mail us and let us know when you want to start studying. We will check whether it is possible for you to join one of the mini-groups within this period. In this case, you need to register 3 months before the planned starting date. 

You receive a certificate indicating the number of credits (ECTS) at the end of your study.


Glabeke Jelle

Year: 2015-2017

Program: Russian language courses

Country: Belgium

My stay here at Novosibirsk State University has been fantastic so far. I’ve had the opportunity to meet with the most interesting people from all over the world and of course, in the first place, I’ve been meeting with Russian people. The very goal of my stay in Russia. Everybody is very friendly and interested to meet and talk with foreigners. So if you’re a little bit talkative, you won’t face any problems integrating.

Lessons are very helpful. Teachers alter and adapt the tempo to your specific needs. You’ll learn everything: pure grammar, vocabulary, syntax and so on. You will learn about this great country, it’s people and their mindset. You will drink lots of tea. You will eat delicious food in one of the many canteens or restaurants.

Because this city was planted in the middle of Siberian forests, your everyday panorama is one of utter beauty. Even though you’ll find yourself in the middle of nature, stores are nearby and sell everything one could possibly need.

Rowe Nina Maryam

Year: 2015-2016

Program: Russian language courses

Country: Great Britain

Arriving at the end of August I had absolutely no idea what to expect from NSU and the Centre for International Educational Programs. Now, 5 months later, I feel so much more confident in my Russian, ready to engage in conversations with native speakers and Akademgorodok has become like home. Students at the University are so friendly and the teachers are very patient as you try and improve your Russian. It’s so lovely being in a university town with enough restaurants and shops to keep you occupied and Novosibirsk city center is only a short ride away on the bus. The only thing I don’t think I’ve gotten used to is the cold!

Year: 2015

Program: Russian language courses

Country: Italy

Hi everyone! We are three Italian girls who have studied in NSU for four months and lived in the student dormitory in Akademgorodok. It was an absolutely amazing experience! We had classes in Russian as a foreign language. All our lecturers were very competent and helped us a lot. Life in the student dorm was a lot of fun as we had the chance to meet with students from all over the world and also with Russian students. We strongly recommend studying at NSU for all these reasons and can’t wait to come back!