Who is eligible to apply?

Anyone who is interested in learning Russian language can enroll in our classes. You do not have to be a student of the University.

Application deadlines

You should sign up for a course three months before the class starts.

Study Period Duration/ Dates Application Deadlines Arrival Dates
Academic year from September 1 till May 31 May 15 from August 28 till August 31
First semester from September 1 till December 23 May 15 from August 28 till August 31
Second semester from January 10 till May 31 October 15 from January 6 till January 9
Summer school from June 1 till August 20 March 15 from May 28 till May 31

Winter vacation – from December 24 till January 9

In case you cannot arrive for the beginning of the course, please write us indicating your dates. We will answer you, whether or not there’s a possibility for you to join a mini-group during this period. In this case, you should let us know three months before the intended arrival date.

Step 1
Please upload a scanned copy of your passport page with your personal information and photo
Step 2


  • Taking the test takes approximatively one hour to one hour and a half.
  • You will need to fill in the answers to the test with Russian letters, so you need to have a Russian keyboard layout. In case you have not the possibility to type Russian letters, you can download the file, print it, fill it in, scan it and upload
Please, upload your test

Тест А1 (1).xls


Тест А2.xls


Тест В1.xlsx


ТРКИ В2_сокр.docx


Please, upload your test