Fundamental problems of design and characterization of nanocomposite / nanostructured materials are currently the frontmost for catalysis, material science, physics and chemistry of solids, as such materials are required to create a new generation of high-performance energy-generating devices (fuel cells, membrane reactors for the production of synthesis-gas and hydrogen from natural gas or renewable sources - biofuels), including hydrogen energy engineering.

The scientific activity of the laboratory is aimed at the development of original synthetic procedures of nanocrystalline / nanocomposite materials and methods of their application on metal and ceramic substrates, including the use of ultrasonic treatment, microwave heating, electron beam treatment. Optimized nanostructured / nanocomposite layer compositions and the process for their application will be used for prototyping planar medium-temperature solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs), oxygen-permeable membranes and structured catalysts for production of hydrogen and synthesis gas.

The laboratory conducts research in the following areas:

  •  Development of new approaches to the synthesis of nanocomposites and nanocrystalline materials and the formation of functional layers on their basis;
  •  Establishment of fundamental laws of functional layers with specified properties formation from nanocomposites and nanocrystalline materials applied to different types of media;
  •  Establishment of the relationship ‘composition - structure - functional characteristics of synthetic materials applying a unique set of physical and chemical methods;
  •  Solving problems through phase, chemical, thermal and structural stability of functional materials.
International partners of the laboratory: Institute of Powder Metallurgy NASB (Minsk, Belarus), University of Strasbourg (Strasbourg, France), University of Ghent (Ghent, Belgium).

Expert areas: Doctor in Chemistry, Professor Vladislav Sadykov (

Section of physical methods of solids studies, Department of Physics NSU
Institute of Catalysis Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences