Division of Ion Cluster Technologies

The main area of research is a fundamental study and the development is of technological applications for accelerated gas-phase ion-cluster beams. In comparison with traditional ion beams accelerated cluster beams have a number of unique advantages, which allows their use in a number of areas including the following:

  •  Receiving supersmooth (roughness of 0.001 microns) surfaces of any materials and coatings, including the superhard ones, while maintaining the structure of processed materials, which is important in power electronics for polishing diamond substrates and in the process of manufacturing crystal-optical elements for enhancing their radiation resistance.
  •  Formation of thin films and coatings by cluster ion-assisted deposition, which allows obtaining high-quality structure with good adhesion, high uniformity and strength without heating the substrate.
  •  Subsurface ultra-shallow implantation (up to 100 nm) with high concentrations and small degree of damage to the processed material, which is important in micro- and nanoelectronics for nanoscale semiconductor structures.
The section is part of the Division of Applied Physics at NSU

Section leader: Nikolay Korobeishchikov, email: korobei@ci.nsu.ru

Department of Physics