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Master program in Financial Management is based on three necessary preconditions:

1. the program is oriented on the international educational trends in the field of financial management and aimed to provide the student with a wide range of competences in finance relevant to an international context. While studying the program, these competences can be applied to Russian experience (either within the disciplines or research work), which is to be considered a a special case, though providing comparative advantage for career prospects in Russia;
2. the program is developed together with leading professionals in finance. Its applied tendency is supported due to close cooperation with companies, institutions and practitioners both in teaching and research supervision;
3. the Basic Program provides the core competences for a Master’s Degree in “Management" (strategic analysis, organizational design, finance, research tools). Elective courses provide students specific knowledge and skills in finance. The structure of the variable part of the program is formed around four essential topics:
  • company finance;
  • financial markets and related issues;
  • financial infrastructure;
  • risk assessment and management.

Program goal

Prepare high-level financial specialists capable of using advanced analytical tools to solve relevant research and applied problems.

Duration of study

Two academic years

Language of instruction



  • the opportunity to earn two diplomas: a Master's degree in Management from Novosibirsk State University and an M2 diploma in "Quantitative Finance" from EISTI (France)
  • scholarships available for the student exchange program with EISTI
  • teachers  include high-level financial managers
  • students in the Program can take courses any other department without additional payment as long as the requirements for the "Financial Management" Program are met

Program structure

 First year, Fall Semester
Obligatory courses (4 disciplines) Credits Certification
Managerial Economics 4 Exam
Corporate Finance 3 Exam
Financial and Managerial Accounting 3 Exam
Banking 3 Test with mark
Courses at the choice of the student (3 of 5 disciplines )
Russain as Foreign Language 2,5 Test
Academic writing 2.5 Test with mark
2.5 Test with mark
Differential Equations Theory and Numerical Treatment 3 Test with mark
Functional analysis
3 Test with mark
Contemporary Industrial Markets
3 Test with mark
International Trade
3 Test with mark
 First year, Spring Semester
Obligatory courses (4 disciplines)
Strategic Analysis
3 Exam
Managerial Research Technique
5 Exam
Theory of Organization and Organizational Behavior II
3 Exam
International Business
3 Test with mark
Courses at the choice of the student (3 of 7 disciplines)
Russain as Foreign Language
2.5 Exam
Academic writing
2.5 Exam
2.5 Exam
Fixed Income Instruments and Derivatives
3 Test with mark
Excel for Enterprise Budgeting 3 Test with mark
Introduction to Data Science
3 Test with mark
Financial Instruments of Project Management
3 Test with mark
 Second year, Fall Semester
Obligatory courses (2 disciplines)
Financial Markets, Instituitions and Instruments 3 Exam
Enterprise Risk Management
3 Test with mark
    Courses at the choice of the student (2 of 3 disciplines)

Investment Analysis and Business Valuation

3 Test with mark

Applied Econometrics

3 Test with mark

Applied Statistical Analysis

3 Test with mark
 Second year, Spring Semester
    Courses at the choice of the student (1 of 3 disciplines)
Asset Valuation and Portfolio Management
3 Test with mark
International Monetary Relations
3 Test with mark
Comparative Management
3 Test with mark
Thesis Defense

Master dissertation

To complete the MEP «Financial Management» a student also undertakes a substantial project under the supervision of a faculty member, and writes a Master dissertation reporting the results. Research can cover any area of finance and implies managerial approach, i.e. corresponding the problem realizable by a decision maker. The topic is to be approved by faculty committee. Master dissertation should contain overview reflecting a shared professional erudition of the author, as well as independent research part with the student's own research results. Master's graduate work is a self-completed study which is devoted to the decision of scientific or practical problem.

Examples of topics

  • Evaluation of factors influencing on stock price after IPO
  • The impact of transparency on financial and economic indicators of the company
  • Economic efficiency analysis of innovative project with venture financing (using example of biodiesel fuel production)
  • The effect of banking reform on credit quality: Evidence from China
  • Managing interest risk in environment of emerging markets

Training base

The Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering (Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science) is considered as a base for research activity at the faculty of Economics. Most lecturers are full-time researchers at the IEIE SB RAS.

Fees and Financial support

Tuition fees

Tuition fees is U.S. $5200 per year.


Every year foreign students have an opportunity to apply for the Russian Government Scholarship Program

Benefits: full tuition, monthly stipend
Application deadline: depends on the country of applicant

You also have an opportunity to participate in the "Open Doors” Russian Scholarship Project and win a full scholarship to study Master’s program.

Benefits: full tuition, monthly stipend.

Career opportunities

Many graduates of the department have become a part of Russian scientific elite honorably representing the national science abroad. The department graduates also succeed in business and banking industry. As a rule, they become managers, CEOs of large and medium-sized companies as they are well-oriented not only in economic but also psychological and sociological aspects of business.

Entrance requirements

  • Copy of the 1st page of your travelling passport with your personal data
  • Legalized (if required) educational certificate
  • Legalized (if required) academic transcripts (transcript of record, university degree/s, diploma supplements)
  • 2 photos
  • English language course marks sheet/TOEFL certificate or other international certificates (in case English is not your mother tongue and your previous education wasn't in English)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Motivation Letter (1-2 pages)
  • Medical certificate of overall health condition
  • HIV + AIDS certificates

Note! For enrollment you have to submit both original and notarized Russian translations of the required documents to the NSU Admission Office.

Application deadlines

Till August 6 fill the application form and provide full set of scanned documents