Our Laboratory conducts research related to the development of modern hydrodynamics methods and the theory of nonlinear wave processes and their application to solving relevant problems in marine hydrodynamics, intensification of oil-and-gas production and in hemodynamics. The basic physical principles of fluid mechanics and their formulation as mathematical models, with some variations, are used to describe and model various natural or technogenic phenomena, which explains the wide scope of application areas of our studies.

Our main areas of research:

  •  marine hydrodynamics and wave structures in heterogeneous liquids;
  •  simulation of hydraulic fracturing and of multicomponent liquids transport;
  •  mathematic and applied hemodynamics.
Relative to our Laboratory research subjects, we achieved and published the following results of our studies:

  •  a family of asymptotic solutions of Euler equations was created , describing the formation process of fluid inertial mass and its subsequent removal through the free surface during rapid vertical acceleration of the plate. The achieved solutions are useful to model ocean surface waves appearing because of submarine volcanic eruption or earthquake;
  •  an algorithm for solving the problem of crack propagation during hydraulic fracturing in poroelastic medium was developed. A special feature of the algorithm is to solve the problem on the basis of generalization of the finite element method without isolation of the crack. This work has practical significance for the intensification of oil production;
  •  3D-modeling of operations were performed by installing stents in the cerebral artery in the presence of aneurysm. For the calculations of blood flow Navier–Stokes equations were used, considering that vessel walls have a linear elasticity behavior. Calculations help to evaluate the success of the operation and to plan further treatment of the patient.
Laboratory supervisor – Sergey Gavrilyuk, Professor at the University of Aix-Marseille (France). Our “co-laboratory” carries out at the international level the research being conducted at NSU in the field of theoretical and applied hydrodynamics.

Partners of the laboratory: University of Aix-Marseille (France), P. P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Schlumberger, Rosneft, Meshalkina Research Institute of Blood Circulation Pathologies, International Tomography Center SB RAS.

Expert in this field – Head of Lab, Doctor of Physico-Mathematical Sciences, Alexander A. Chesnokov, chesnokov@hydro.nsc.ru

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