The Metaphysics of Science Center opened in 2019 as part of a program to support and conduct relevant interdisciplinary research in the field of philosophy, political science, law, and related fields at the Institute of Philosophy and Law.

The development of science and a scientific worldview led to philosophical reflection, primarily in relation to the natural sciences, which became a subject for analysis of metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of consciousness, philosophy of language, and other areas of philosophy. “Metaphysics of science” is a form of metaphysics that is considered in naturalism philosophic discussions, analyzing various problems related to the ontology of scientific knowledge.

The main goals of the Center:
  • Stimulate and facilitate research in the field of metaphysics of science;
  • Attract researchers working on similar topics in related fields to discuss the problems and results of the metaphysics of science;
  • Promote a constructive dialogue with other close philosophical ideas, traditions, and trends, such as analytical metaphysics, feminist philosophy of science and epistemology, general philosophy of science, philosophy of specific sciences (physics, biology etc.), philosophy of consciousness, Russian (Soviet) philosophy of science, the history of the philosophy of science, etc.
Primary research areas:
  • Continued implementation of more than 25 years of sociological monitoring of academic and university science in Siberia;
  • Macro-sociological analysis of the development of the university and academic sectors of science in Russia in the context of leading global trends (post-academic science, Post- normal science, the concepts of the “triple helix”, “primacy of technology”, “technoscience”, etc.);
  • Sociological, scientific, and sociocultural analysis of local trends in the development of science and education (based on materials from the Siberian region);
  • Analysis of development trends in knowledge production in Russia in the context of management philosophy;
  • Sociological, scientific, and sociocultural analysis of trends in the transformation of the epistemological core of science in the modern era.