The Laboratory carries out research aimed at the development of methodologies and tools designed to study and forecast the evolution and self-organization of complex economic systems, using modern modeling paradigms. As a result, we developed a disaggregated approach to modelling the dynamics of socio-economic systems and to the evaluation of the efficiency of regulatory interactions.

For the last ten years, the approach towards the regulation of economic development radically changed. As far as decentralized decision-making processes largely lay at the foundation of the modern economic dynamics, and that in practice we deal with many autonomous economic entities, regulatory measures mainly take an indirect character and are intended to generate favorable environmental conditions and infrastructures. Special importance is given to the assessment of the effects of management on complex systems and to the question of the compatibility of development mechanisms. In this regard, economists are searching new approaches to forecasting development of economic systems at different levels which requires the creation of new tools for analysis and modeling.

The research topics of the laboratory include:

  •  Development of agent-oriented models “Input-Output” of Russia’s economy, able to represent the structural evolution of Russian economic geography as a result of the actions of interacting economic agents, including innovators. The pilot version of the model can be used as a testing ground for studying properties of quasi-equilibrium multi-regional economy;
  •  Development of an analysis apparatus enabling the study of decision-making processes and economic activity (conditions of their development and limitation), allowing forecasting change in the sectorial and spatial structures of Russia’s national and regional economy. Development of modelling theories and methodologies.
Head of Laboratory – DSc in Economics, Professor Victor Suslov,

Department of Economics NSU
Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences