First Foreign Students Graduate from NSU’s "General Medicine" English Language Program

On June 21, “General Medicine” diplomas were awarded to graduates of the NSU V. Zelman Institute of Medicine and Psychology (IMPZ). More than 70 graduates took an oath that included pledging to respect the ethical norms for doctors towards patients, colleagues, and their duties. This was followed by the awarding of diplomas by Institute Director Andrei Pokrovsky

Pokrovsky offered some advice to the graduates,

When you get your diploma, remember that the learning process does not end. Medical education is a continuous education and you will need to study throughout your life. I wish for all of you that the already positive reputation of our University and our Institute will continue to grow. Have a successful career and don't forget your alma mater. 

This year's graduates included 10 foreign students who studied in an English-language specialist's program. This program conducted the first two years of courses in English while the students took an intensive Russian language course. Starting with the third academic year, foreign students joined groups of students from Russia and all the modules were taught in Russian. 

Graduate Abdulrafea Al Mhesin from Iraq said,

Despite the fact that studying at NSU was difficult for me, both because of the language barrier and the medical courses themselves, I would like to enter the residency program at NSU. However, first you need to go through the accreditation procedure. I plan to practice practical medicine in the future.  

At the ZIMP NSU, students receive not only a full-fledged medical, but also a holistic education in the natural sciences. Future doctors undergo extensive clinical practice and get research skills that allow them to further realize themselves in practical medicine and in scientific research. Many of the graduates are thinking seriously about continuing their education. 

Nassif Fadi Ekram Karam, a graduate of the ZIMP from Egypt described his experience, 

I tried very hard to study to become a good doctor. I think I want to continue with a residency, I plan to connect my professional life with either therapy or surgery. NSU is one of the best universities in Russia and even in the world. It was a dream to come here. Thanks to NSU for giving me the opportunity to study among the best and become a professional. 

Medical graduates remember not only classes and science at NSU, but also a rich student life with interesting educational events, volunteer activities, and exciting concerts. 

Alhadj Ali Massah Qusay, a student at ZIMP from Syria described extracurricular activities,

The University events helped me a lot. I worked on cultural activities including Interweek and as a volunteer and I have only good memories of the University and my life here. 

Early we talked about five ZIMP students of who became winners and got awards of the International Scientific Conference #SCIENCE4HEALTH and results of BNCT treatment of animals with cancer presented by NSU and Institute of Nuclear Physics scientists.