NSU IMP Students Awarded #SCIENCE4HEALTH Conference

Five 1st year students of NSU V. Zelman`s Institute of Medicine and PsychologyEma Kriglerova, Bejko Soana, Alina Nikolaeva and Sophia Eksharova, Negin Akhmadian — took part in International Scientific Conference #SCIENCE4HEALTH in RUDN at the end of May. The conference was held online in English. Students presented four projects in the «History of Medicine» section: «Role of Slovakia in the development of Respirology», «History of Epilepsy: Treatment in Modern Era», «The forbidden medicine», «A review on the incidence of tuberculosis in Iran during 20th and 21st centuries» respectively. Negin Akhmadian became the winner, Bejko Soana was awarded third prize, and other students got certificates of participation.

The congress is held regularly but it was the first time the «History of Medicine» section worked. Doctor of Medical Sciences, docent of NSU IMP Mikhail Subotyalov suggested his students participate in the conference to challenge themselves and start their scientific portfolio. So he became supervisor of all four projects.

Subotyalov explained,

As the language of the conference was in English, I got the idea to invite foreign students first, since English is more native for them. Several students from Slovakia, Albania, Iran and Russia responded. Each participant made a presentation related to their country. Negin, for example, reported on the history of tuberculosis in Iran. Her research proved to be the most productive and attractive, as the student turned to her acquaintances in the country and received data that is not always available or not obvious to the average user. The jury had a lot of questions for her, but Negin is suitable for all occasions.

Bejko Soana, a first year student from Albania, shared her thoughts about the conference,

My topic was «History of Epilepsy: Treatment in the Modern Era». I have always been interested in diseases of the nervous system because for me the brain is a mystery, and of course if you want to study diseases of the nervous system you must first learn its history, when it appeared and how people treated it. This was my first presentation at an international conference here in Russia. For this I am grateful to our professor Mikhail A. Subotyalov who gave us the opportunity to participate in the conference and supervise my work. This paper was just my beginning in the study of diseases and the history of medicine and I hope later I will participate in other conferences.

For all the participants it was their first experience to present works on the scientific conference. To encourage students Subotyalov decided to add extra points to the assessment for scientific work. But there was no need because all of the girls showed their knowledge and got «Excellent» for the subject even without extra points. 

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