NSU Resident and Students Support Early Diagnosis of Skin Cancer

In mid-May, Novosibirsk State University employees and students, together with specialists from the Novosibirsk Regional Clinical Oncological Dispensary and with the support of Novartis Pharma LLC, held a day for early diagnosis of skin cancer. For two days, six oncologists conducted complete examinations of the skin for patients. Nicolas Ciattoni, Resident at the NSU V. Zelman Institute of Medicine and Psychology, and 4th and 5th-year student medical volunteers Ksenia Bekeneva, Valeria Kuznetsova, and Margarita Gileva, helped them conduct the examinations.

Nicolas Ciattoni came from France to study as a general practitioner (GP) in reconversion to oncology. Dermatoscopy is a part of the training he has with foreign dermatology residents, and participation in the event is an ability to get a few orientation tips in making a differential diagnosis of skin lesions that may be suspicious for tumoral or pre-tumoral.

Nicolas talked about the event,

At dermatoscopic level, lesions reveal some features that allow medical practitioners to suspect a malignant form or on the opposite, to exclude it. Very specific findings at morphology, vascularity or pigmentation level are categorized and serve the diagnosis. Sometimes of course this is not a definitive diagnosis and biopsy or excision is needed to establish it. So these two days I spent with professor Irina Sergeeva — an experienced dermatologist with an oncology specialization in addition — were an extra practice, as our included laboratories are mainly in-class presented cases and pictures. I'm fully satisfied with the inclusion of this practice in my training.

In just two days, 352 residents of Novosibirsk were examined, dermatoscopy was performed on 93 people. During the event NSU IMP Professor Irina Sergeeva performed additional dermatoscopic examinations on 21 patients who were suspected of having a malignant neoplasm. This procedure identified the need and extent of surgical treatment required within an hour.

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