Mathematical Immersion for students of research groups has completed

At "Yubileiny" camp in Berdsk (Russia), from December 16 to 18, with the support of the Mathematical Center in Akademgorodok, a Mathematical Immersion was held for junior students of the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics of NSU. The event was mainly attended by members of the Sobolev Institute of Mathematics' student club and teachers of DIO-GEN.

For three days, students, divided into three teams, tried to advance in the study of four open mathematical problems. Particularly fierce disputes were caused by the problem of the most equitable distribution of costs for the construction of roads from three settlements to the fourth. In the process of solving, the participants got acquainted with the Shapley principle of optimal distribution of the payoff between players in cooperative games, as well as with the Steiner tree, which connects a given set of points in the shortest way. In addition, at least five different equity models have been proposed. For other tasks, interesting ideas were also put forward, the development of which can subsequently lead to a full-fledged scientific publication.

In addition to research work, there was also a creative component on the Immersion. Students prepared performance posters for their teams, filmed a New Year's video greeting, took part in a photo quest, as well as watched and discussed a movie.

Immersion is a universal brainstorming format that has repeatedly shown its effectiveness both in working with schoolchildren and students, according to the organizers of the event.