Researchers of the Mathematical center took part in the conference of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)

The activities of the scientific association SIAM are devoted to the use of mathematics in industry. The organization was founded in 1951, began holding annual meetings in 1954, and currently organizes conferences, publishes books and scientific journals, and supports educational institutions promoting applied mathematics. The main scientific interests of SIAM lie in the field of applied, computational and industrial mathematics.

SIAM organizes numerous conferences and meetings dedicated to various aspects of applied and computational mathematics. On June 21–25, the SIAM Conference on Mathematical & Computational Issues in the Geosciences (GS21) was held in Milan (Italy) in a mixed format, in which MCA researchers took part. Within the framework of this prestigious conference, the participants of the scientific group of the Mathematical center in Akademgorodok "Advanced mathematical models and numerical methods for Newtonian continuum mechanics with application to geophysics" held a mini-symposium, at which the MCA employees Evgeny I. Romensky, Vadim V. Lisitsa and Galina V. Reshetova made presentations ...

The study of geophysical systems both at a scientific level and from a technological point of view requires a complex interdisciplinary interaction of mathematical modeling, effective computational methods and deep work with data. The aim of the conference was to facilitate the exchange of ideas between specialists in the field of geomodeling, applied mathematics, mathematical statistics and other scientists, which could give impetus to new fundamental research in mathematics with an eye on applications to earth sciences.