Online workshop on algebraic graph theory is starting its work on November 2

The workshop is held under the auspices of the Mathematical Center in Akademgorodok for the third time. The current workshop is one of the most representative workshops in this series. Both eminent mathematicians and young scientists will take part in its work.

On the first day, a sensational report by RAS Corresponding Member A. A. Makhnev on the non-existence of the Moore graph of degree 57. This open question in algebraic graph theory was open since the 70s of the last century. The authors of the book on algebraic combinatorics Eichi Bannai and Tatsuro Ito, who are taking part in the workshop, contributed to its solution. Another expected report will be presented by the author of the book on graph spectra, Willem Hemers. The spectral graph theory will also be presented in the report by V. V. Kabanov, IMM UB RAS, with whom the Novosibirsk mathematicians of the Center are working on the creation of the theory of Deza graphs. British scientists Peter Cameron, who received the Euler Medal in 2003 for his work in combinatorics, and Rhys Evans, one of six foreign young scientists to receive a postdoctoral position at MCA, will take part in the work of the workshop. 

For the first time, the workshop will highlight such an actively developing area of ​​algebraic combinatorics as the theory of associative schemes. Mikhail Muzychuk from Ben-Gurion University and Sven Reichard from the Technical University of Dresden will present their results answering Peter Cameron's famous question about Jordan schemes. Istvan Kovacs from the University of Primorsk will report on recent results, obtained jointly with mathematicians from Novosibirsk, on the problem of defining DCI groups, proposed by Laszlo Babai back in 1978.

The workshop program includes several reports on the theory of computational complexity. I. N. Ponomarenko, POMI RAS, St. Petersburg, will present an efficient algorithm for recognizing whether an Abelian permutation group is 2-closed. The organizers of the workshop invited students and postgraduates from the First workshop of MCA Ravil Bildanov, Viktor Panshin and Dmitry Panasenko, who received interesting scientific results on the characterization of WL-ranks and WL-closures of Deza graphs. A complete list of participants and reports can be found on the workshop’s website.