First postdoctoral fellows at the mathematical center

What happened?

The recruitment of postdoctoral fellows for the Mathematical Center in Akademgorodok had been finalized. As a result, six young talented mathematicians will work within the framework of various scientific projects of the center: Ivan Bailera (Spain), Rhys John Evans (Great Britain), Marta Fiori Carones (Italy), Yu Jiang (China), Oorna Mitra (India), Emiliano Sequeira Manzino (Uruguay).

What is a postdoc?

Postdoctoral fellows are young scientists who have recently received a PhD and want to continue their training as a researcher and gain skills and experience that will prepare them for their academic career. This concept came to us fr om the West, where postdoc is an intermediate link between training and a permanent position. Typically, a postdoc position in one organization can be held from one to four years, while at the beginning of employment from the moment of defending a thesis, no more than five years should pass. Some young researchers manage to work as postdocs in several scientific organizations before taking a full-time job.

What does a postdoc do?

Postdocs undergo a kind of internship at a scientific or educational institution, different from the one wh ere they received their degree–at least at another university, and possibly in another country. A postdoc works under the supervision of a mentor as part of a larger research group. In fact, he/she becomes a temporary research fellow at a university or institute. Postdocs conduct research, either on a pre-specified project or one of their own design and publish that research. These publications in scientific journals serve as a criterion for the effectiveness of their work. In addition, the duties of a postdoc may include teaching advanced courses to senior students.

Why would they go to Siberia? Surely other countries are full of good opportunities.

The Novosibirsk Akademgorodok is known worldwide for its high-profile specialists maintaining high level of scientific research in various fields of knowledge. Some candidates sought to work with specific specialists, and the competition was quite tough. The applications underwent an independent international assessment, the final list was approved by the international expert council of the MCA. And, we proudly note, many experts expressed their admiration for the high level of the selected applications. That being said, it’s still a mystery for us why these promising young researchers chose Siberia. We will definitely ask them as soon as they get here.

How are postdocs funded?

All expenses related to the stay of the postdocs in Novosibirsk are covered by the Mathematical Center in Akademgorodok. This includes salaries, accommodation, and conference travel expenses.

How does the math center benefit from postdocs?

Postdocs come with research experience in areas that are quite different from scientific directions that are common in Novosibirsk scientific society. The new experience expands the geography of work, communication and cooperation, helps to integrate mathematical research carried out in Novosibirsk into world science.

What about the coronavirus disease? Will they be allowed here?

We do not know. Sooner or later they will definitely be allowed in. In the meantime, the work of the postdocs will begin in a remote format.